Black Poetry : Shakin Me!

Desert Storm

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Mar 31, 2001
I'm a lil bit wiser now
Able to cover much ground
Than where I started before

Visions get me caught up in the laughter
As you can imagine
I want you endure the temporary torture

But more so
For your convience
Baby please listen

Don't ignore
The pain is more than I care bare

So listen baby,baby,baby
When I say
Softly adjust
You deep and so tongue kissing

Mobility and free to xscape
Saying,"Who can I run to"
Remember the tune?
The intro makes me reminece so
And I can't complain

Imagine all the times
Treated and compassion arises
Orange clouds drifting by melon blue skies

Solarized my softly colored strokes
I Give My All

Beautifully orchastrated pages
Regular costumer
For your fever of expression and passion
Tugs and grabs at my mind

How much you make me feel
So gifted
Even when I won't reach out to touch you

You give me the ability to think
And lift my heart up to clearer and sunny days

Beyond the rain
Something bout the weather that makes me wanna play
Go and take off my clothes
And surrender to the showering of sprinkling drizzles of water droplets
Standing in the rain
Soaking wet

Something intrigues me of the storm
So beautiful the sound
It makes outside my window during the winter
Massaging my tensity
And surroundering me with it's protection and makes me want to shout

So free!
Shaking Me!

Desert Storm

i loved this... thanks for sharing...

this part really struck a chord (no pun intended :) )
with me:
Originally posted by Desert Storm
How much you make me feel
So gifted
Even when I won't reach out to touch you

keep on singin' lil' sis...



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