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    From this chapter Joe Atwill explains the previously unrecognized symbolic system that stretches across all the works of Shakespeare’s ghost writer Emilia Bassano and provides them with their deepest level of meaning. I will argue that the entire Shakespearean corpus was written solely to provide a vehicle for this symbolic system. This understanding also reveals the true author of the “Shakespearean literature”.

    The purpose of this Shakespearean symbolic system was to reverse everything the Flavians (Vespasian, Titus & Domitian) had accomplished with the comic system of Josephus’s War of the Jews and the New Testament. Thus, whereas in the Gospels hidden satire the Jewish Royal family was ridiculed for having cannibalized themselves, in the Shakespearean system the Gentile royal family is ridiculed for having done so. And since the Gospels inserted a Roman (Titus) into the Jews royal lineage, in her literature Jews would be inserted into the Gentile’s nobility. And, just as Titus had fooled the Jews into worshiping “Christ Jesus”, so Shakespeare would fool the Gentiles into worshiping Shakespeare. This interpretive framework provides an explanation for many heretofore-incomprehensible features of the plays.

    As soon as Shakespeare is recognized as a Jew, the meaning of many of these passages become visible. The preface to Shakespeare first folio states that the plays were written more to be studied than performed thus acknowledging that their deeper meaning could only be understood by an alert reader. This work aims to seek to demonstrate that the Shakespearean corpus was created as an allegorical counterattack of the satire in the New Testament against the Jews, and that the master-list of the components of the Flavian comic system below is the basis for the entire symbolic level of Shakespeare:
    The Flavian Comic System:
    • The cutting off of the Jewish Messiah’s limbs (Lazarus-Christ Jesus)
    • The uprooting of the messianic “Root”
    • The Grafting of a Roman onto the Jewish lineage
    • The switching of Titus for the Jewish Messiah
    • The Cannibalism of itself by the Jewish Royal family
    • The Decius mundus puzzle: Paulina (Paul) seduced by Mundus.
    • The raping and muting of Judea
    • The false chronology employed to prove Daniel’s prophecies of Titus as son of man
    • The comedy of errors in the empty tomb puzzle of Lazarus/Jesus
    To observe the sacraments of a religion someone saw as false would be difficult under any circumstances, but for a Jew who understood the real meaning of the ritual, receiving the Eucharist would have been many such Jews. In this book, I argue that Shakespeare must have been just such a crypto-Jew, who decided to fight back against the false religion that gave the Gentile nobility the divine right to execute her people for practicing their faith. To attack the state overtly was suicide, so a more subtle method had to be found-this method was the works of Shakespeare.

    Titus Andronicus was the earliest tragedy and earliest Roman play attributed to Shakespeare. Given its title and the transparency of the relationship between its plot and the Gospel’s satire, it is clear that it was created as an introduction to the symbolic meaning of Shakespeare. Titus and Andronicus were two individual who sacked Jerusalem and took away their treasures. In history Titus’s brother Domitian had a hobby of catching flies and stabbing them with a stylus knife. Likewise in the play Titus Andronicus has a brother named Marcus who has the same hobby as Domitian. In history when Titus seized Jerusalem he forced the Jews into famine and cannibalism. In the play Titus is tricked into eating a cannibal pie. Any classically educated reader will recognize that the brother of Titus who stabbed files in Shakespeare play is an obvious spoof of Titus Flavius brother Domitian just go ahead and read historian Suetonius on Domitian.

    “Why, there they are both, baked in that pie;
    Whereof their mother daintily had fed
    Eating the flesh that she herself hath bred
    This true, tis true; witness my knife’s sharp point (Titus Andronicus)

    I need not tell anymore please go read Shakespeare’s Secret Messiah By Joe Atwill and Shakespeare’s Dark lady By John Hundson.