Black Poetry : SHAKE SHAKE SHAKIT!!!


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Apr 14, 2001
Fractional CFO, Venture P
I grab my bag
hop in the jag
let the top back
play my favorite track
artist, Jill Scott
taking me on a long walk
while i roll down L.A. streets
groove to soulful beats
pull in the lot of the club
patrons stare
picture me bare
and hit the ATM for dubs
walking with authority
no one alive is ignoring me
put my **** down and walk away
your chit chat is boring me
lights down
i step on stage
shaking my ***
**** the 1's 5's and 10's
20's and higher
shawty needs a new benz
GUCCI shades and gear
ice for my fingers
and ice for the ears
gimme money
to hell with friends
unless they got what i got
and pull what i pull
cash motivated
money orientated
was the GOLDEN rule
songs done
time to jet
you saw me work it
but there's something you won't forget
something more you saw in my eyes
something not captured by my thighs
or pecs, or abs, or dick
not even my ***
what you see is intangible
not irrational
but actual
what you see is CLASS
utmost sophistication
like a riviera vacation
cash isn't really your motivation
but for now you lie to yourself
accumulating your perception of wealth
you say you don't wanna judge
although the lifestyle is corrupt
**** is all I CAN say
I'm glad I grew UP!!!


~from my journal's pages, youthful ages, premature stages, uncontrolled rages, these words come from, these words speak from, these words, these words, these words...


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