Black Poetry : SEXUAL TREAT


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Apr 1, 2001

Look lady I’m shook baby hooked on your gravy our ballistics //
Combine characteristics of kissing over wine your love I miss it //
Dealing with a cutie wanna be feeling on your booty girl don’t twist it //
Stunts being performed on your lips funk the way you twist them hips //
Sniff your nylon slips // strips naked grips and take it graceful beauty //
Tasteful coo-chee // juicy flashbacks loosely crash facts about you girl //
Touch your thighs search your eyes so much love recognize in your world //
Kissing the source reminiscing with the force of intercourse leads to orgasm //
Complex status use sex apparatus oh girl our hormones get at us like muscle spasm //
Love is organic your hugs are so romantic panic each time Titanic sinks in my mind //
Can’t get plenty rest when you wear a mini-dress the breeze caress the trees all the time //
In calm fashion we join lips in passion suck your tongue but you duck when I was sprung/
Hung my head sung, beg for the bed felt misled with a hot body stop the kiss party stung //
Like an ant in my pants can’t call this romance girl give me a chance to advance my love /
Body fine and splendid minds blended strode into the room wanna explode on the rug //
Code is love you must ride the stony pony of a thug it’s like a merry go round since you //
Resemble Halleberry going down sniff and lick like a bloodhound loves your wet stew //
Tonguing your coo-chee is kinetic art, wet it and lick it apart ready to start boo when you //
Spread in the bed, it’s legit to suck your tits milk drip silk slip get rip have a tendency to //
Scream out my name body steam in flame then you moan, utter and sway lick the Parkay //
Butter from your crevice all dang day //



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