Black Poetry : ...Sexual Tension...Perfect Night...(A LovelyG and $$RICH$$ Collab.)


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Apr 16, 2003
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…Sexual Tension…

Stare into my eyes
Tell me you don’t want me
Stare into my eyes
Tell me you don’t need me
Why can’t you say it baby?
Your actions tell me you do
Does the idea make you crazy?
Lovemaking between me and you?
I can’t deny this feeling
I know you love someone else
But I can’t hide this feeling
Your touch could make me melt
I see the way your breathing
Those short, erratic, breaths
Like you want to have me feening
For the excitement I see in this test…

I wanna control the feeling I have!
But I just can’t do that…
My mind tells me to run away so fast!
But my hearts says straddle your lap…
You don’t know what to do or say
Cuz your mind tells you to leave
But your heart tells you to whisper my name
And tell me that you desire me
We both know this is so wrong
After all, you’re in love
But we don’t want to be left alone
So we engulf each other in a hug
A hug full of sexual tension
Meant only as a means of comfort
A hug lingering into a kiss of extension
Where inside we find emotional comfort
I don’t care if it’s only for this night
I need you to love me at this time
We may never again see the sight
Of each other in this lifetime…

You kiss me so gently
Tenderly and lovingly
And I’ll touch you so willingly
Graciously and passionately
As our breathing becomes emotional
And our movements become so versatile
My heads starts to swim with tension so full
And I look in your eyes, seeing a dancing smile
Your desire to please me now is unstoppable!
Setting a pace between heartbreaking lust!
And we want to stop but our body’s aren’t able!!
As tension is transformed through your breathtaking thrusts!
We commence in thunderous ecstasy!!!
Crashing together in waves of pleasure…
And I stare into your eyes and see
Myself, thoroughly satisfied with this measure…

My heated body leisurely slides down yours…
Ever so boldly and sexily
Tonight I was yours, just all yours
Now come lay here next me…
We started with a sexual tension
That had us both on a natural high
Followed by an intimate kiss extension
Leading us to explore this perfect night…


from the eroticness a perfectional bliss
sealed with a tender kiss of ya $$RICHNE$$
I lone to say this , i know i can't be ya man
but our love in mix try to understand
with every stroke a beat is cast inside our night
eyez meet fancy feet u and i ummmm!! how sweet
our enterwined of bliss is secretly
making me toss a fit for your center treat

I can't control dis feelin'
da sexual tention , perfect night
after my daily flyte we embrace
and see da look on ya face
and the love we lone to make
so tender wit care of comfort
that's razor sharp full of eroticness
go head tell me u do
say u will
let my heart know what u feel
let da whispers of ya emotions flow
as we firmly mix body language
a great tention release rapidly
as i touch every desire to re-frame
da fire u pose and on da pillow
i lay a single red rose as jazz play
we lay to a affectional mix of dis night

it's o'kay to moan as i roam da middle
of ya center wit a pleasure
wiggle & wined as i tame ya eroticness
every time as we light up dis night
of ecstacy and flames flicker from ya sway
the tention becomes feverish
up and down , in and out , we roll da night
to a extremely compassional mix of flow
we stroll inside the affectional pleasures
creamy sticky wet juices flow as we display
a masterful breathtaking love jones
i bring a joy of meanings
inside da kiss a tongue twist of rapture
u and i clash like waves of da ocean
rockin' in motions of a feast a treat sexually
as we dance in da domain of my room
dis perfect night of tention
ahhhhhhh!! til morning

…Perfect Night…


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