Black Sports : Sex is a Sport

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    Think about this for a second as I come from the male perspective out of the inner female objective...peep. How many positions can you enter the mind of a female? How many position can she be satisfied versus healed geometrically? If you know triganometry, then how many axioms can make a ring sustain as a song forever? You know i use to think i was in control offensively until i came back onto the defense building up my inner strength. I started to construct plays...cause a great defense is a superior offense. Feel me? Now this is no defamy or any other type of political whatever you can think of from the soul of two supposedly goddess but you don't feel me and never will cause you want the iron will to be in control as the power freak though it is fiery fun when you outta control behind locked doors laid to rest silently sound to sleep. I give props to any that silence the loser on the real cause the loser got healed and lose their wind of uncertainty and severe push of irrational intelligence musing through high emotions trying to swindle your soul by keeping you oppressed under constant scrutiny like a policemember out for the handcuffing punishing you whenever they feel like it but this ain't your law neither your personal attachment of getback and when those phatbacks and pum pum to including suckling nipples, eyelids, lips, eyelobes, toes, fingers, blowing around crevices and licking etches plus gently biting cuffs and shoulders and just hours of preparation before the intimate intercourse get hit up or sounds of confession whispered inclining loudly while eyes closed feeling the upper realm of heaven then the universal light bulb dings on after passionate numbness drilled slowly with a rush deep past they offensive clutch stopping all downs with no quarterback throws or running nothing sacked everytime and sow tired on defense with no gatoraid or powerade...just slump over and out on the surface for dear toe curling fist-balling teeth grinding vein popping muscle tightening or relaxing defeated submissive release of hell lost and heaven gained. Geah.

    Sex is a sport if you think about it...cause people are not taking the healing contents of it serious enough and so sexes construct plays of offense and defense using painful tactics getting ready in the gym for that ultimate experience of secrecy of the player of genders. Can she make it bounce, or make the every position touchdown explicit or can he long stroke it as that pass like a hailmary? On the real you gotta have game see i got out of that sport cause believe it or not it gets personal, though i never played the no strings attached as all strings are eventually detached at death or whenever you heal yourself so once again it is all a game of chess too na...don't be fooled! Like thinking about in the past, everytime i met the black female she always aspire me to do better and inspired me to feed her more than she could handle to the point of lovesickness like i just felt her from the heart of all those past experiences she had and just was like bump it i'mma give you all i got even if you ain't prepared imma sex you perceptively and you better handle our loving deeply for life cause when her booty come back whether it is plump outer sight or just soft and jiggly or just firmly muscular i gotta take it in my hands by your hips and handle the vibrations in rhythm of whatever position without false starts See i am a natural drummer so i change styles from hip hop to jazz to funk to gospel to my style of mystery then spin her a classic record reciting poetry into her ears spoken word feeling special to speak it into her dome echoing live like a audience of one in unison completely channeling everything i can that could be and will be so she knows to stop tripping and let me suck those toes after they washed up. I'mma kiss you from behind whether you fiending for it or not, imma make the shivers goosebump so i can see the effect of our loving. And when i smell your hair then nibble your earlobes you best hum hymns to our new lyrics heated absolutely finesse uncontested nurturing your ecstasy unconditionally gone blown. If i can't lick you belly button and speak my words into your stomach so they grow, then i'm turning your divine body over playing which spot tickles your fancy the most while smooching you all over using both hands and toe jamming live; try me sold out. Let me massage your shyness away though some are just down right freaky ready for the dancing and love to dance you know...I use to dance butt naked upclose in the pale moonlight with the black female too. I use to watch the homegirls from the islands while in the UK and compare them to the american style (more cater to vehicles hitting switches and popping trunks) from the hood and found a difference...they from the islands actually use almost every muscle and ligament in motion to produce an illusion you never seen before as reality before your eyes and they come in all age ranges too! Don't let looks fool you and that is the greatest attribute of the moon is perception...when she starts smiling i know automatically she is either older in age or wisdom which are both like wine though the taste of the berry can be sweeter and wet or bitter and dry. Me though...I learned to enjoy the tastes of wines which ultimately strayed me away from hard liquors and beers too. I have a strong desire of affection for one black female to the point i might drive her completely insane trying to get out of the loving mastered which is totally harmless though elevation without no buttons will make you think--where is he taking me cause i have no control but indeed you do as the door is closed so pry your way out of the elevator and fall in love forever without a bottom to fall onto and keep twisting and turning like a feather loving it and take it to the heart beating that passionate loving hearing nothing but you and i echoing do or die together sentence to life. Sex is the ultimate sport for lovers of two who dare to walk in unison on a journey they never gone before. I dare might be older and once again i dare you...leave your heart and lungs pumping younger totally encompassed in might be younger and i dare you...leave you totally encompassed in mystery twenty four seven for the eleven...let you be middle aged and i'm adding fruit to you my way and my way seals untouched. Can't wait until those lights turn off we butt naked, toes to toes, pecs to nipples, lips to lips millimeters apart and speak yo nonsense sweetly again while we in the home full of rooms we built? To be continued in another lifetime....

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