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    By Andre Austin

    All the words written in red in the book of Revelations are supposed to be related to Emperor Domitian through the mouth piece of a composite form of Jesus. I shall attempt to demostrate a very close match of Decius Mundus (Anubis) rape of Paulina in The Antiquities of the Jews Book 18 with parts of it being retold again in Revelations chapter 3.

    Revelations Chapter 3.

    I know thy works behold, I have set before an open door and no man can shut it" verse Rev 3: 8

    Beaware that Anubis is related to Janus with one half of face painted black and the other gold , a god of beginnings and doorways. At his Temple in Rome the doors were shut only in times of peace. The ancient poets of Rome equated Domitian with Janus, Amen and others.

    "Him that overcometh will I make a pillar (Penis) in the Temple" verse Rev 3:12 "The pilllars, thighs and groves of the biblical people were in fact lingams, or phalluses" see The Christ Conspiracy By Acharya S p.281

    "The Amen (veiled spirit), faithful true witness" Rev 3:14 compare with the dinner party of Domitian at Rev 19:11

    "Thy nakedness do not appear" verse Rev 3:18, [compare with Rev 19:14], Because Domitian wears robe of Isis and Mask of Anubis "On his robe on his thigh (Penis) he has his name written on it" Rev 19:16 with the great supper of God (Domitian) of the flesh of people (Rev 19:17) This great supper of cannabalism of Domitian is consistent with Anubis being symbolic of eating dead carrion.

    "Behold, I stand at the door and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come to him, and will sup with him and he with me... To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me down with my father (Vespasian) in his throne" verse Rev 3: 20-21. All of this sounds similar to the Dining with Domitian reported by the Roman poet Statius in Silvae and the Roman historian Dio. The Christians of the Gospels had nothing to look forward to but to worship the penis of last Flavian emperor Domitian and to dine on mana Musroom/penis at the corner stop of their local Hot-dog stands in heaven.

    The Antiquities of the Jews Book 18

    Paul speaks about the sup with demons (evil/terrible spirts which is the nickname of Domitian), in 1 Cor 10: 21. S. Angus who wrote The Mystery Religions stated "Paulina was lured o a Serapeum (Temple) on an invitation to sup with Anubis (a dog-headed God). In Paul's expersion, the Cup of Demons, the Table of demons, there is implied the same view of divine hospitality" p.128.

    Paulina had sent a message to her husband Saturnius (Saturnalia x-mas festival of switching roles, exchanging gifts and sex) that she was to sup and lie with Anubis; so he agreed. Accordingly, she went to the Temple; and after she had supprd ther, and it was the hour to go to sleep, the priest shut the doors of the temple; when in the holy part of it, the lights were also put out. then did Mundus (leap) out and did not fail of enjoying her" (The Antiquities of the Jews Book 18 ).

    In Revelations and in the letters of Paul, Paulina is switched back to a man Paul see Philippians 3:2 and & 2 Timothy 3:1 with 1 Timothy 4:1-3.