Black Poetry : Sex in demandAnd like a complex planNeed tissuesTo feed these issuesMuch detailIn search for a femaleThis HIP HOP CULTUREGot him on the tip top

To do that
And her body is true and phat
His EBONICS is like eletronics
Send power to radio and TV
Wish PLATO could see
Girl she have a deep brain from college
So she can keep and maintain knowledge
Over a period of time
In the form of lyrics and rhymes
SHE SAID: boys wanna unravel her lace
While her mind travel in space
One boy had her dress up
About sex he didn’t care
He jest wanted some
HE SAID: let's take a ride
She have cake he has pride
But their lips about to collide
Girl gonna kiss her lips inside
So she git to travel in the car
While he unravels her bra
They both babble at the bar
The ride so she got in for a spin
She’s in a mini skirt, bra and
Panties ready to flow


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