Black People : Sex attacker's brother who called black BBC cameraman 'a slave' walks free from court

Exactly lol. The thing is a lot of Arab muslims have this mind set toward Black people. This guy is just an example that got media attention.

EGGG-ZACKLY. :cool: I don't think any Person-of-Color is shocked or surprised by this......Well, EXCEPT the Brother whom he verbally attacked. :cool:

This brother actually sought counseling because of this incident. *wow*

For me, this is just an off-shoot of the White person who puts on a false face to Black people; but just let 'em get drunk and out come the racial jokes.

They don't seem to understand that if they're making Asian jokes and Mexican jokes in your face, surely I know you'll make a Black joke in my absence.

And some of 'em even really lose their minds and make derogatory Black jokes in your face and think you're supposed to laugh with them cuz they are so "down" with Black people.....You know, like all them "Black friends" they got. :lol:


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