Black Poetry : Sex-A-Bets

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    A waiting you desperately in the midst of the bed
    B arely dressed and awaiting your fully swollen head
    C atching my breath as I watch you emerge
    D eep within me is where I want your head submerged
    E xperiencing love with you is all I'll ever need
    F orever yearning your touch and never wanting to leave
    G reat things happen when your tongue caresses my clt
    H ave to grasp the sheets because your tongue action is always the [email protected]#
    I creasing your speed as I watch from above
    J ustifying my reason for this never ending love
    K indly taking my hand and placing it in yours
    L oving every second as I switch to all fours
    M aking love this way is truly out of this world
    N othing can compare to it, especially when you do that swirl
    O nly you can make me feel the way that I do
    P ersuading me with your kisses that I will always and forever be your boo
    Q uickly you enter me from behind and all thoughts disappear from my mind
    R iding like my love is one of a kind
    S lowly grindin, causin my juices to flow heavily
    T akin me places I never knew I could be
    U nderstanding my need and want to make you cum
    V ibrating my ***, letting you know you are the only one
    W aiting to hear our moans and groans of ecstasy
    X hilirating and unbelievable things you do to me
    Y es baby I like it and you're all I'll ever need
    Z zzzzzzzzzzzzzz's
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    just learned my sex a bets......whewwwww