Black Muslims : Seven Teachings

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    I live in an area of the Boreal forest, sparely inhabited and three times the size of California. Lately I've been spending time in the bush as the snow is melting and the days getting warmer. I've had a chance to walk in the beauty of the good things Allah Ta'Ala Gave us. I had the opportunity to enjoy being sorrounded by Allah Ta'Ala's ubaad the trees and animals and all creatures. It makes one think. I'd like to share something from that experience.
    In an indigenous culture that I'm connected with, there are seven teachings represented by seven animals. Here young people are taught these seven teachings, so that they won't go astray in the society we live in which is full of negative things. I adhere to the sayings of Rasulullah and know about the things mentioned in the seven teachings from the Qur'an and Hadith. The Qur'an cannot be changed. Not one letter can be taken out of it nor can a letter be put into it, nor can a letter be changed in it without it being noticeable as such. All people joined together as one cannot come up with a literary work equal to any part of the Qur'an. There is no doubt that the Qur'an is from the Creator, Allah Almighty as He calls Himself. For me the Qur'an and the sayings of Rasulullah are ahead of everything else. The rule is that even if a nonMuslim tells you something true, then you shouldn't turn away from the truth. For example if a nonMuslim sees a Muslim stealing and tells the Muslim not to steal, the Muslim should listen and not steal. Moral values mentioned in the seven teachings fall into that category. Further shaping our lives around them instead of shaping our lives around the Qur'an and Hadith can lead us into questionable territory are we listening to the Qur'an and Hadith or not. I'd like to share a comment regarding the seven teachings because it is something that directly affects my life and the culture I'm coming from.


    The eagle represents love; it means to have unconditional love to know that when people are weak they need your love the most, that your love is given freely and that you cannot put conditions on it of your love is not true.

    The buffalo represents respect; it means to respect others and respect yourself. If you cannot show respect you cannot expect respect to be given to you.

    The bear represents courage; it means to have courage is to be able to do something right even if you know that it's going to hurt you. Here I accept that Allah Ta'Ala is One and that Muhammad Salallahu aleyhi was Sallam is His Messenger and I know that my bringing the Shahadah laillaha illallah MuhammadurRasulullah is doing the right thing even if all kinds of abusers Muslim and nonMuslim are going to hurt me after that.

    The sabe represents honesty; it means to achieve honesty within yourself to recognize who and what you are and then you can be honest with all others. I honesty believe that Allah Ta'Ala is One and that Muhammad Salallahu aleyhi was Sallam is His Messenger and I accept to be honest with others about it.

    The beaver represents wisdom; it means to have wisdom to know the difference between good and bad and to know the results of your actions

    The wolf represents humility; it means to humble yourself and realize no matter how much you thing know, you know very little of all of the universe

    The turtle represents truth; it means to learn the truth, live with the truth, walk with the truth, speak the truth. The truth is that there is One Creator and the truth is that Muhammad Salallahu aleyhi was Sallam is His Prophet so I would rather live with that than with a lie to myself about it that would bring me to question the honesty represented by the sabe and everything else related to that. So if I want to follow the seven teachings then there is no way I can live without accepting the Shahadah laillaha illallah MuhammadurRasulullah.

    As Muslim nothing changes regarding believing in One Creator and regarding accepting His Prophets. For example church people claim that the Creator has a son. There is a small Chippewa rez near the place where I spend 5 years. Here's what one of the elders on the Red Road from that small rez commented on people saying the Creator has a son. If anyone wants to meet him I'll direct you to him. This is what he said about people who claim that the Creator has a son: The Creator is a Mistery. No one went and saw the Creator and came to tell us what the Creator looks like. You can't say what He looks like and compare him to anyone. Having a son is what people do. You can't say that about the Creator because you will be making Him look like people.