Black Poetry : SEVEN DAYS

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    Seven days. Seven sunrises and seven sunsets
    Seven reminders since the last time fun met
    Seven revolutions of the earth since wanting longings said ‘come get’
    Seven days in a season since I’ve made you moist; since then I haven’t made you cum yet
    Seven mornings I’ve seen opening flowers
    It’s been a long and teasing 168 hours
    Seven days turning into nights in predictable ways
    And seven nights turning back into predictable days
    I held your hand as blinking eyes strobed
    I held your bottom when you were completely disrobed
    I held you in near proximity and in close contact
    We held each others naked forms, anxious to interact
    You rubbed my back as I massaged your cheeks
    The hardness of your nipples reached their peaks
    Body language and response, though silent … loudly understood
    The stiffness of my stir saluted your womanhood

    Seven days. Seven dawns and seven dusks
    Seven brightening and darkening of the skies and now I’m on the cusp -
    Of smelling pheromone scented musk
    Your gender centerpiece is now more prized than the ivory from an elephants tusk
    I’ve wanted to make love to it since the last time I entered
    Because every time I’m in your inn, I’m satisfied and centered
    I want to tease it, smell it, kiss it suck it
    I want to penetrate your vulva valley and f*** it
    I want to make you scrunch your brow as you close your eyes
    As I pulse profound and profanely in between your thighs
    I want to stand in your space and with quick pace, masturbate
    Pushing you to orgasm, causing you to ejaculate
    I want to make you make faces and bite your bottom lip
    As I play with the peach in between your hips
    I want to make your body bounce to and fro
    And feel like I felt seven days ago

    Seven days. Seven 24-hour periods since you’ve been bent and tucked
    Seven days since we’ve been wild and free … since we’ve bounced and bucked
    Seven sun lights since we’ve last kissed, sighed and sucked
    It’s been seven days since, by you, I’ve been f*****
    I’m still feeling the effects and the after glow
    Of the merging of our flesh that took place seven days ago
    Remembering that I couldn’t get enough, I wanted more and more
    I kept giving in to your request to be f***** … my abdomen is still sore
    The things we did were eclipsing and unbelievable
    We did things that we never knew were conceivable
    We ravaged each other as if we were malnourished and starving
    We were in positions that mimicked karma sutra carvings
    I held on to your hips and spanked you with the front of my body
    Your cries of ecstasy were the cries of one who was ecstatically naughty
    The passion and nakedness was spicy, sultry and raw
    In your eyes … an erotic ‘thank you’ is what I saw

    Seven days. Seven differences in perspectives of diurnal context
    It’s been seven days from one Thursday to the next
    From morning to evening, then morning again, I’m increasingly anxious and perplexed
    I’ve seen seven nocturnal changes since the last time I’ve been sexed
    My anxiety is heightened like the strain on a high tension stitch
    I’m experiencing what can be termed the seven day itch
    As I yearn and I burn for your personage, if only a piece
    I more than covet the wetness of your release
    I flashback to our rendezvous seven days prior
    I can feel the softness of the object of my desire
    Your bottom and your breast, part of an experience that wasn’t wasted
    I can see your p**** so clear in my mind, I can almost taste it
    I experience the scents sounds and smells in context and summation
    I can taste the perspiration of your skin from our sexual culmination
    I’m living in the past and the present as I stare out into space
    I can see in my minds eye, my own look on my face
    I’ve been thinking of out time off and on, in many fashions and many ways
    The potency of passion that we engaged in has been on my mind for seven days

    Seven days. Seven movements of the sun across the sky that would prevail
    Seven noon times that moved slightly on the annalemma scale
    Seven times the sun has risen and set, without fail
    Seven days since you’ve let me have my way in your ‘hallowed grail’
    It’s been seven days since I’ve made the breech
    In that part of your body that is vulgar in everyday speech
    In that part of your body that you made a welcome perch
    You worked your p**** like a sexually repressed woman from church
    Doing things that gave me widening eyes
    Moving the way you did made me drop my jaw in surprise
    Things in retrospect that still makes my nature rise
    I’m still trying to figure out how the hell you got a vice grip in between your thighs
    Whatever my issues of urgency, our merging of flesh addressed it
    And after Cumming a handful of times, you and I rested
    My urges demands it, but my politeness requests it
    If my naughty thoughts about my intentions were a crime, I’d surely be arrested

    Seven days. Seven moments that I think in rhyme
    As I’m greeted by Mother Earth and saluted by Father Time
    With male urgency stirred in its height and its prime
    This feels like a seven day sentence, as if I’m being punished for a crime
    For lack of a better phrase, I’ve yearned for your touch
    With the fire of anticipation, I’ve burned so much
    The heartbeat that goes thump in your chest – I want to hear it
    I’ve turned from a relaxed soul to a restless spirit
    I move about like a child with nervous energy, and no where to direct it
    I’ve been denied your wiles and your ways that you’ve crafted and perfected
    My carnal man silently screams – though muted, yet protected
    There is a call for sexual healing to be prescribed and applied to correct it
    I’m one step beyond anxious as each second ticks
    You are my drug of choice and right now I need a fix
    I want to ingest and inhale you – take you in, in so many ways
    I have a serious jones for you that has only intensified with the passing of seven days

    Seven days. Seven times that I’ve recounted the hours
    Seven mornings that I’ve taken my morning shower
    Touching myself, recreating a moment as sweet as the smell of a flower
    With memories so ripe and seasoned, they can never sour
    I can feel your body as we share a special space
    As you grant me entry into that special place
    The warmth of your skin makes my inner man give chase
    All the while, with eyes closed, the water showers in my face
    I know you’re not here but I can still feel your touch
    Insatiable, when it comes to you, I can never get too much
    With every thought of you, I just want you more and more
    My only solace is the tempered water the slides down my body, to the floor
    I’m thrown back in time to the moment I pass your gate
    I do everything within my power – in the shower – not to masturbate
    As I wrap my arms around myself to contain my impassioned appeal
    The wait of seven days makes my longings all to real

    Seven days … yes, seven days and seven nights
    Seven afternoons have gone their way as I sit here and recite
    Recounting the last time we got together in delight
    That was seven days ago … and I haven’t been the same since, suite
    The feel of your naked body hypnotized my sense of touch
    Smooth and firm like the feel of mahogany was the caress of such
    Like a chocolate bar, I nibble you in little bits
    Taking an oral detour, stopping at the nipples of your tits
    As a sign of being sprung I moved down between your hips
    Allowing the pheromones from you twat to stain my lips
    A stain with a scent I can recognize as my eyes close
    A stain, scented with the smell of p****, that stays in my nose
    I’m mesmerized and entranced by the acts of our last get together
    With memories that will last just short of forever
    Tethered to an experience to treasure and adore
    I’ve waited seven days, but if I have to … I’ll wait seven more

    Written by: K-JiO
    © 2007
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    I know what u mean ........7 whole dayssssssssss!!!

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    Hella Hott Drop!!!
    7days isn't that long. I have wait much longer.
    Be Patient! But I feel you.
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    LOL @ 4Everluv. Whew brotha, you left no stone unturned, in your vivid description of just how and why you yearn. This was fire.
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    :love: :love: :love: Beloved Garlicsalt99:love: :love: :love:
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    $$RICH$$, 168 hours [seven days] is a long time to wait, but if it's good ... it's worth the wait.

    $EverLuv, You're one of my biggest supporters in terms of readership, let me take this time to give you a big internet hug :couple: :flirt: :couple:

    Watzinaname, vivid is what I go for :)

    Goddess Auset333, I don't believe that we've had the pleasure of meeting. Thanks for the read.

    I take a bow to all of your accolades :)