Black Poetry : SetUp

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    Apr 13, 2006
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    Don’t it seem like aint s*** gonna happen
    Every n**** on this fixed dream, that one day they’ll be raping
    Or join the NBA and have hoes for days
    Smoke weed on the block and talk about change
    But everything stays the same, the futures out of luck
    Everyone tying to find the easiest way to make a quick buck
    Don’t life suck, every female wanna be a h**
    Let the baddest brother hit then let everybody know
    And the n****'s that’s trying stuck in the hood
    Can’t even make the effort to do some d*** good
    Cuz his mamma broke, & he gotta get a job
    No legal good pay so now he watching out for cops
    Gotta get his s*** together to provide for his jit
    And gotta watch out for his little sister before she turn into a b****
    Aint no more daddies left cause n****'s f*** and leave
    Girls don’t know who to blame cause everybody got in-between
    Populations of the prisons full of f***ing blacks
    Cause arrogant mother f***ers holding the rest back
    When you born black in the hood you die by the trigga
    You live by it too cause you was born a n****
    I try to tell my n****'s I pray for them at night
    But being black is a set up and don’t s*** go right
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    Jan 24, 2004
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    Being black is not a set-up ...Black is "Original".
    Yeah we got a raw deal, but we must take back what was unfairly taken from us.
    For we are here to stay!
    thanks for sharing your thoughts poet.