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    Serving His Masters Well

    Can Jason Whitlock Be The Negro Stamp Of Approval?

    by Desi Cortez, [email protected]

    POSTED: Dec 6, 2007

    DENVER -- Jason Whitlock, apparently has offered himself up as a "Negro stamp of approval" for white folks who can’t wait to disparage, belittle and defame any Afro-American who has any measure of fame, fortune, power, or in Taylor’s case -- bad luck. He’s allowing himself, and his words, for a price, to be pimped and exploited by people who despise the modern day Black athlete.

    Long before Shaun Taylor was cold.....

    Whitlock, an Afro-American sportswriter, who writes for FOX Sports and MSN, and who can be seen on the talking head shows on a regular basis, he’s been adopted and embraced by the sports establishment -- one of the few good ones -- who actually get’s it,"

    Whitlock offered up a column which made an analogy between the four heartbreakers and life-takers with the Klan, which was designed to, intimate, through terrorist tactics black Americans, only because they’re Black.

    In America, there’s but one KKK, and that organization has a 150 year history of terrorizing Black Americans. Women, children, old people -- the innocent. Anyone and everyone who’s black was, and still is, a target merely based on their skin color.

    Men like the four thugs who had a hand in Shaun Taylor’s death -- didn’t target him because he was Black. They didn’t rape and murder his girlfriend or the baby, the Klan has a legacy of doing both. Recall these bastards murdered 4 innocent little girls in a church in Birmingham.

    Whitlock’s characterization is a grave mis-interpretation which paints a picture, an inaccurate picture, which only a redneck can appreciate. It relieves White folks from any connection or association with the Black-on-Black crime ravaging the Black community from coast to coast.

    Jason’s playing to that very audience, his Archie Bunker fan-base. Black people would be stunned at the percentage of white fans who view the Afro-American athlete as nothing more than Grey Hounds, Thoroughbreds, gladiators at best.

    And, who doesn’t remember the American fan was OK with segregation before Bill Willis and Jackie Robinson. White fans hardly ever site the woeful number of Black coaches -- at any level. They don’t see it, it’s not a noticeable problem.... pick a BS excuse.

    And on a real note, across a racially divided America, there’re hundreds of **** near racially segregated high schools where every Friday night fans scream out -- " hit that ******".

    White sports fans, especially the over-30 white guy, despises the NBA, so much so, they rejected the 04' USA’s Mens Olympic team, betrayed the country, the flag, the legacy, turned their Benedict Arnold backs on that quad, because the players were too Black. Yes, mainstream America cheered for the opposition.

    That’s called treason.

    Honestly, let’s not have to pretend there’s no controversy, no heated debates about the reasons why there are so very few Black cheerleaders at the colligate and professional level. Do we have to pretend the white fan welcomes the Black quarterback to the NFL? Because he doesn’t. Vick was the most polarizing player in the game before Dog-gate.

    The hate we see for O.J. and Barry Bonds has nothing to do with their color?

    If Mr. Whitlock wanted to accurately characterize who and what killed Taylor, he should ‘ve compared and contrasted young Black men’s gangster activities to that of the Italian Mob. Or for that matter, Irish, Polish, or Jewish gangsters -- who terrorized the urban American landscape from the 1800's to the 1960's and 70's.

    But that wouldn’t play well with his fans, who’ll never concede Black folks are stuck in a position of society’s outcast and rebel, in-part, because a solid measurable portion of white folks will never see my son, or your daughter in any other light.

    These European ethnic groups were able to be absorbed into the fabric of White American, they could travel up the social ladder to middle and upper- class status, shed their thick accents. Escape Little Italy, change their names, obtain an education, which allowed them to break the shackles of poverty and misery.

    Black folks can never really break free of our shackles. No college degree, nor inflated bank account can force this nations slight majority, white folks, Euro-Americans, to see us as any thing other than "**** *******." And, since that’s been the American standard for centuries, millions of Blacks can’t see themselves as anything else but *******...That’s the tragedy in this all.

    Unlike Whitlock, or a number of other sports writers, I’m not going to do a drive-by, spray a few verbal 9mm insults around, than drive away. I empathize with the frustration Black sports writers like ESPN’s Mike Wilbon is experiencing. Who’s being a labeled an Uncle Tom for, in essence, offering the observation " you live by the gun, you parish by the gun."

    His perspective was a premature ejaculation, only partially on the money. Nonetheless he’s guilty of airing dirty laundry in public, knowing his words would be used against black folks, and not spelling-out the complexity of Black America’s situation.

    Let me put it in the light of Dr. Carter G. Woodson....

    "If you can control a man’s thinking, you don’t have to worry about his actions. If you can determine what a man thinks -you do not have worry about what he will do. If you can make a man believe that he is inferior, you don’t have to compel him to seek an inferior status, he will do so without being told and if you can make a man believe that he is justly an outcast, you don’t have to order him to the back door, he will go to the back door on his own and if there is no back door, the very nature of the man will demand that you build one."

    Translation, we’ve got too many young black men who, for a vast array of reasons -- accept, some even blindly embrace the limitations and definitions White America has left us with; babies daddy; gangster, pimp, thug, hustler and rapper.

    Many, far too many build their own walls by rejecting handles like architect, engineer, veterinarian, teacher, fire-women because they’ve been convinced these occupations, and the lifestyle that comes with not a Black thang....

    Gangster Rap, the anthem of this era, reinforces that sentiment by glorifying this mythical, ghetto-fabulous-Thug Mansion right here on earth... called the projects -- as not a place you experience and escape, but a natural homeland you glorify, place on a pedestal, never leave behind.

    If you told me the Klan produced some of these video’s these lost brothers come out with, I’d believe it. Some of this crap makes the step-n-fetch’ it movies of the 30's and 40's seem like "Roots".

    Can somebody go put on James Brown’s "Say it loud, I’m Black and I’m Proud"? We’ve forgotton the words....

    Yes, self-destruction is a prime culprit within the Black community, but this hatred we’ve for each other, this disrespect we display towards each-other, is a disease which was planted, spread-about and cultivated by white folks, who understand divide.... and keep a people conquered , unable to compete for resources and riches... too busy surviving to ever prosper.

    It seem’s, as a people, we can’t accept the obvious, we’re now, today, are biggest enemies. We came out of a system which planted a seed of self hate and Black folks can’t seem to get the weeds out of our garden. ( I went with garden over flower beds, you are first sportsfans. Real men grow **** you can eat.)

    Hang on, let’s get this one twisted right....

    I’m not delusional, Black’s aren’t the only ones who hate Black folks. White America harbor’s no love for Black folks. Very little like. Only begrudgingly do we ever warrant society-wide respect in this nation.

    Instead, we’re reluctantly tolerated, from a safe suburban distance. If Oprah purchased a fleet of cruise ships, and we all went back to Africa, White folks wouldn’t be down at the dock crying, begging us not to go.
    There’s no question America debates the Black problem, endlessly asking: "Why after 400 years of being broken as human beings - women raped on a whim, Black men made to kow-tow and kiss a man’s *** who kicked his everyday, families split-up like a liter of puppies" -- and this nation has either the audacity or ignorance to ask "why", why can’t we just catch-up, in 35 years? Inferior this and inadequate that, from housing to education to you name it...


    Have not Afro-Americans have been ravished mentally and spiritually? Generations under-educated, uninformed, doomed... merely because we were born into a cluster-muck, expected to never escape the endless cycle of da’hood.

    And this maze the average Black person must escape, with all it’s land mines and snake pits, was carefully constructed and meticulously maintained by, no not ourselves, but the larger white society which strategically neglects the public education system, while investing in the prison system.

    My point; to attack only Black folks for the murder and mayhem we witness across America, is to only half-assedly address the issue. But, and this is the Golata punch beneath-the-belt; this is the only approach white people in the established media will allow racial issues to be discussed and dissected from.

    One must adopt the Angry White Male company line "White people have not a **** thing to do with the pitiful plight of Black folks." Now, if you don’t echo that sentiment, in some form or shape, they’re going to snatch that pen or mic out of your hand.

    Jason Whitlock is doing everything possible to avoid that happening to him, twisting himself like he was Gumby, in an effort to give them what they want, and they in return, are giving Whitlock what he wants -- a paycheck.

    Desi Cortez is a freelance wordsmith, living at the foot of the Rockies. He can be reached via e-mail at [email protected].


    Peace and Blessings Desi Cortez!

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    Looking forward to your response.

    Much Love and Peace.


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    "master" made the dollar ...

    isn't everybody serving "master" as well as they can?

    ain't gonna change until something other than "economic/corporate parity for Black People/African Americans" is the driving force within the Africans born and bred in/by this nation!!

    Doing things in the same old way and expecting a different outcome would seem, to me, to be among the defining characteristics of "mentally ill".
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    In the fantasy of Afreekan Unity
    Hotep anAfrican..Yes that is the saying..."Insanity is doing the same things and expecting different results". It is also a belief held by some that "Insanity is a Sane Reaction to an Insane world".
    In that regard, those who hold to the second statment are surely "mentally ill" based on the definitions of "mental illness".
    In the end, true mental illness in my opinion lies in the hearts and minds of white lunatics. It lies in their way of THINKING about the world, the peoples of the world and their Behaviors towards them.
    Marcus Garvey (i thnk it was) reminded us that it was "not good to stay in the whitemans land too long"....that I'm convinced is because some stinking ish would likely rub off on US..

    Based on the information presented in this article, it seems clear that the author is pointing out some of that stinking ish which appears to be covering Jason Whitlock.

    Mama Destee..
    Thanks for this article. I am thrilled to hear comentary like this focusing on the sports world and dealing with athletes and commentators of Afreekan descent. I particularly enjoyed hearing the connections to yt lunancy abd the behaivors of white lunantics which is always marginalized as they work us over the coals for practicing the same b.s behaviors and tactics they have used as we work to get out of this mess.
    Man..that article was just power~filled and I will be digesting this meal (soul food) for a few days I'm sure.

    I too, am interesting and looking foward to others thoughts, feelings and plans as it relates to the information presented here.