Black Poetry : Serologic And Dignity

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    I'll hear the voices, the ancestors
    of yesterday, Virtue's legacy of tongues
    Shall sound against genocide of race,
    Unto I focus on humble, shall not my
    dignity be inherited as cowardly infirmity,
    I stand by the instructions of the
    Almighty God, and Jesus the son
    of the savior, I take my instructions,
    with great wisdom of the stroll, Let
    thy brother stand in accord, let not
    their supplier of death, shall the sons
    of Commerce, fear not the wrath, loyalty
    if not embraced, worse than the midnight
    devil, Fear not the marksmen plan.

    To bare the scars of envy, spite, and scorns,
    That sits upon my door, I take the burning bullet,
    Only de lord knows the hierologic atonement I explore,
    For who should ever understand my horology,
    who shall ever walk my path, understanding
    the burning of psalms, that lies within my skin,
    In this black wings chamber, lord whispered
    in my ear, lord say sacrifice my son, no one
    shall know the end, I shall teach you what a
    warrior should be, cry not upon the land of death,
    rise to the living upon my gates, trouble shall
    not last for long, black wings await my chambers of the lord.

    Suffering through the darkness of UN
    recovery, Libation I stand at attention,
    trying to understand, the darkness
    that lies upon the earth,
    Division stronger than the rivers that rise
    upon mans feet , The blood that runs from
    my veins, I shall take the lashing of the world,
    I shall not stand still, I shall run through the
    trill of fields, where my ancestors built the liberation,
    I shall run with the torch, sub servant to the lord,
    crying no victim song, no longer shall I stand still,
    summoned from the hill of justice
    the resurrection of change, until I
    spread the words of the Almighty God.
    my people to the mountain, when will we
    break the indoctrination of hatred
    disregarding all the laws of God, shall
    we get it right? I herd it on the mountain
    of recovery, one hand on the clock.

    The Universe slowly comes to and end.
    My native land that lives by the accordance of the devil,
    after the legacy of our ancestors,
    multi color rainbow, have we come to
    a calamity, where man no longer care?
    The treason that sits upon the doors of our ancestors,
    The doors slowly closing, silhouetted by
    Satan, The scars of my hand, whispering
    the history, thou wisdom, thou love,
    waves fair well. Thou slave of avarice,
    that can’t stop the mind.

    Within thy hearing, or thy head be now, the
    blood has spilled, among the land, that
    man walk, thy caucus lye upon the grave,
    a reminder I have walked the land
    A whole history off absence, I returned,
    the exclusions of humanity, the air yet busy with the
    Blessing of the almighty, with the stir
    of a contention that had been raised
    against the humanities of God.

    This weapon, yet even chains,
    the brave emancipate the pain
    He’d, in triumphant and the brave man stands, awaiting
    The black wings of chambers, in the
    conference hall of the de lord
    Oh the mystics powers of the soul,
    that man is blind to thy role, oh the
    treaty of my ancestral strolls, my life
    is to die as my brother, and rise upon
    the cross. The redemption upon this
    land, has no understanding of the chambers
    of the lord, I shall feel no pain, as I walk
    through the fire of my brothers space.

    while I tread that gulch’s tremendous brink,
    Where nature shudders, and where beings sink,

    I come not in the ignorance of Color, man fail against himself,
    Implementing the depths of segregation,
    when the darkness continues to blind
    The accommodation of love, oh yet the
    world sings the same song,
    Division of Gods creations, war among war,
    nation against nations, battle between
    sexes, all in the name call prison of hell.
    The effort to bring forth a democracy of
    change, perishable by the haunted hells,
    An effort which, though contentment,
    baffled, nevertheless
    the old forgotten principles
    virtuous feeling, through the heart
    of the people. I continue to flap my wings.

    Voices to cry a symbol of dignity.
    Oh say can you see by the inner depths of my realms,
    Shall I sit in humble,
    Itemized beyond the hand of clutch.

    Nations that cry with one voice
    the liberation succeeds the liberties of its cause,
    Dysfunction has been crossed, their just intent
    righteous hope. To still my soul man awaits.
    The almighty God shall cage the beast.
    A humanity sing, oh glory to thee.
    The fountains that cry blood, title
    of conformity thy cross survey the
    words of love. Oh thy brother’s hand
    thou shall confess their pride of hate,
    when a justice sets a place for thee.
    When sinners fall the righteous shall stand.
    To allow the un forbidden
    Journey to sleep a lent less death
    let that journey sleep awhile, and join
    To travel forward towards Liberty, un blinding
    the formation which it stands, Justice shall never be blind.
    The almighty God has his eyes on the sun.

    Yet die not; do the soul it self, understands
    That there is a place far beyond earth, impelling
    the darkness conscious.
    Understanding the proclamation of confinements
    Shall deter the symbolism of creation.
    Solitude of justice, shall prevail in unity,
    evolution of the Almighty grace

    Assisted death fallen off thyself, foundations without support
    To keep a study foundation, study never to rise again,
    Traditions that man no longer seek, hast left behind
    Powers that will work if loyalties are given to God.
    The breathing of the a mega and Omega, the
    air, earth, and skies;
    suffocated not a breathing of the wind
    Shall succeed in a toxin state of mind, the soul will forget thee;
    exultations, agonies, And love, and man's
    unconquerable spirit, that resides as the living dead.
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    The Lone-Star State
    TEACH, Sister ASHANTA, TEACH :terrific:

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    Brooklyn N. Y.
    blessings and thank you my brotha we are one.
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    God makes a way for the righteous, although we may be blind to the correct path at first. Keep the knowledge coming sista poet.