Black People : Seriously???

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

Listen Up Black Afrikan People!!!

I am no minstrel show performing with my Black Face, the Face that come natural with my Black Body out Sharing the quality of information that I share with Black Afrikans that is Divine, doing so not just to entertain you who is Black but not Afrikan anymore because many of us Black Afrikans deals with every event that affects the living Life of Black Afrikans as if it is a Joke, which is why we are referred to as the Jokester Race among Living Beings with a Brain used Differently from all of the other Living physical Animals Beings on this Earth.

I am fully aware that all Black Folks are not Black, but there are many who are, and you are without a problem wearing our Blackness with pride and with determination to do what is required for Black Afrikans to do to see the Black Afrikan Nation rise again in Afrika as a Unified Black Afrikan Nation being Governed by a Continental Afrika Government being Governed By Black Afrikan People Without apology nor hesitation.

Beloved Black Afrikans, as long as you now operate under the guidance of Lucifer Mind-Set, you forfeit your Divine Freedom to be in the company of Justice and Independence, so with Lucifer Mind we Black Afrikans Look at everything through the eyes of Lucifer, so what we make claim to see is only a mirage and illusion projecting Lies that is accompanied with deception so there is no way Black Afrikans can become reacquainted with Freedom, Justice, and Independence using the Mind of our oppressors who is a self-confessed Racist Unjust Prejudice Human Being and here we Black Folks in a hurry to copy to be with the identity of that Devilish Satanic Lucifer liar of a Human Being.

For Black Afrikans to attempt to critique the Divine Truth with arrogance with a believing mind, only reveals we Black Afrikans With our Divine Mind back associated with our Black body, we see now without mistake who you truly are in the midst of Black Afrikans.

You see, a Divine Mind sees the Divine Truth and reality for what it Divinely Is and because of our past experience with that Forked Tongue Luciferian Human Being we no longer are beguiled by the Serpent of Evil, the Believing Mind of Lucifer.

So No, Hell No, the Black Afrikans now locked in the dungeon of Lucifer believing mind can not be serious about fighting for Freedom, Justice, And Independence For Black Afrikans to be in Afrika and for Afrika to be again for the Black Afrikans.

So what does the believing Mind of Black Afrikans do, well, we ignore what is needed to be done by Black Afrikans in order to live again in the company of Freedom, Justice, and Independence and if such is not your Goal, Black Woman and Man, then you ain't Black no more because what Divinely have you to be Black, Dark, The Perfect Night, is the quality of your Mind ( Soul ) and not your outward appearance alone, beloved?

So, My Question To The Divine Mind Of Black Afrikans, Are You Ready To Become Serious About Achieving Freedom For Black Afrikans to be in Afrika and to be able to see with your Divine Mind Afrika being for the Black Afrikans???

That is not a rhetorical question Black Woman and Man to you, it is a Question that in Real-Time, need to be answered by Black Afrikans and I wait for your Answer beloved Black People!!!

Because, We Need To Meet This Spring And/Or Early Summer, Beloved Black Afrikan People who are serious about fighting for our Freedom, Justice, Independence which is alien to the Mind and Body of Black Afrikans to be in Afrika!!!

Divine Respect
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