Black People : Seriously ... What did Bill do for African Americans?

i don't see no whole bunch they did for us

Black Men are still being incarcerated at overwhelming and unjust rates, as they were during his administration

Black Babies are still dying around the world daily, as they were during his administration


Cain't hold my peace no longa....

I've been personally beefing with Bill Clinton since 1995 after I attended the march. On that day, when millions of us marched at Washington, Bill Clinton was away at the University of Texas-Austin speaking about race relations to a crowd of 55 UTA students, primarily white students. I remember reading it in the newspapers the day after the march and feeling insulted. Here millions of Black people, many his constituents that voted him in office, descended on his backyard and instead of being a so-called "leader" and erroneously proclaimed "brother" and stay and listen to his fellow citizens, he opted to abruptly fly to Texas and lecture on race. That was a snub to the whole of Black folks, in my opinion. Of course, I'm wary about the sincerity of any white person, but this incident cemented in my mind the self-serving image of William Jefferson Clinton.

Randall Robinson's The Debt offers more indictments against Bill Clinton and his administration as a continuum of the always virulent, ever deceptive Anti-Black establishment of America. I once told a friend that White Supremacy is the backbone of the United States of (Europe) and in order to even attempt to eradicate White Supremacy would be to attempt to murder the Union. Anyone accused of such is a traitor and is less likely to suffer the penalty of treason against the state. No white person, self-respecting and elected to rule over the Union, would ever fathom that possibility.

Blackbird (ever watching, offering the pipe to the Thunder beings)
Sunlover said:
Do African Americans owe the Clintons something because of what they did for us when they reigned supreme in D.C. from 1992 to 2000? It appears they are saying to us “how dare you even consider voting for a black man for president. Btw, WHAT DID BILL CLINTON DO FOR US?




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