Black Poetry : Series of Serious Events

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    Hey guys long time no write huh? :eek:oops: Yea I know. But I'm back and done dropped another one. It's kinda long...and I didn't feel like splittin it up into parts so...plz forgive me for the length but I hope it's all good :great:

    "Baby I love you,
    Just cant live without you.
    You’ve completed me,
    I’ve made you my everything,
    You’re my missing link,
    An angel without wings.
    You’re my one and only lady,
    I want us to make some babies.
    Make this the greatest moment of my life.
    I want your hand in marriage.
    I want you to be my wife, wife wife…."

    I look into his eyes,
    He’s down on one knee,
    Trying to change my life,
    I look around at the smiling faces,
    I should have known,
    Cause he’s the fan of public places.
    I know that he’s going to stay on his knees until,
    Say please until,
    So I close this chapter and say,
    ‘Yes baby I will, will, will…’

    I go home,
    Lay in my bed,
    Thoughts racing through my head.
    Knowing fully well,
    That I have doubts about this plan,
    I try to console myself, control myself,
    By looking at the rock on my hand.
    I close my eyes and try to forget what happened tonight,
    And speed up the time until I welcome morning light.
    But there wasn’t a rest taking place in my mind,
    There was somebody else,
    And I hoped that they would vanish with time, time, time….

    But I’m supposed to be in love,
    Down with this man for life,
    For heaven sakes I just agreed,
    To be his virgin wife!
    To give to him,
    What I have been saving all this while,
    And to give him the privilege of being the father of my first child.
    So why am I contemplating?
    Isn’t this what I’ve been waiting for?
    I need to know,
    I gotta make sure,
    Cause I can’t take this no more, more, more…

    Calendar speaks
    My will becomes weak

    Weeks gone past,
    Ambiguity last,
    And he all caught up in the plans.
    The cake, the clothes, the guests, and limos,
    And who’s gonna be the best man.
    I do my part, try to be smart,
    And smile through all the pain,
    Getting ready for change,
    Feeling a bit deranged,
    And I try to create a signature for my new name.
    Girlfriends try to help,
    But I feel like I’m still by myself,
    Cause no one has a clue,
    What all I’m going through,
    Cause in the middle of my wedding plans,
    All I could think about is you, you, you….

    You planted a seed,
    Long time ago,
    You were supposed to be here,
    That’s how we planned it go.
    We put some things on hold,
    As we found out our purpose,
    We thought everything was fine,
    Because I was supposed to be in yours,
    You in mine.
    You were my best friend and so much more,
    Nothing less.
    But during that time you strayed,
    In your haste to progress,
    And I took that as a ‘Goodbye.
    I wish you all the best, best, best…’

    I have to shake it,
    Because I don’t plan to fake it.
    I don’t want to be exposed,
    And become emotionally naked.
    I have to keep focus on my future,
    And not try to resurrect my past,
    Because that’s the only way,
    That this union is going to last.
    I look and notice that things have been put in place,
    It’s the same script but just a different cast.
    I just have to move on because I have no love to waste.
    I just don’t know how,
    But I’m at the double doors now,
    And they’re about to swing wide,
    I’m going to see my friends and family inside,
    About to receive me as the ‘blushing’ bride, bride, bride…

    Heart in my throat,
    I try to catch my breath,
    And alleviate the thought,
    That this is the walk of death.
    Guests on both sides,
    Inspecting me from head to toe,
    Whispering to each other,
    ‘She is so beautiful’.
    And I think to myself,
    ‘Yea I know.’
    The music fades,
    Traditional sentences are said,
    I try to lovingly gaze,
    As the scripture is being read.
    As the psalmist sings,
    He leans over and asked if something is wrong,
    I said ‘No I’m just getting caught up in this song.’

    The last lap comes quoted by the priest,
    ‘If anyone objects speak now,
    Or forever hold your peace.’
    My mind say ‘Ok would it be a big deal,
    If I said it was me?’,
    As I listen to the congregation murmur silently.
    I hold my breath,
    To make it through the awkward pause,
    Wishing that someone would bust through those doors, doors, doors….

    “Alright let’s continue,
    Just repeat these vows.”
    I figure I have to do this here,
    And I have to do it now.
    “I’m sorry!”
    The crowds gasps.
    “I just can’t do it,
    I’m sorry!
    I see you standing here in all your glory,
    And me dressed up in white,
    But I can’t shake the thought,
    That something’s just not right.
    I’m sorry,
    Baby so sorry.
    I know you probably can’t forgive me,
    But I must be true to myself,
    There is somebody else, else else…”

    “You know I saw it on your face,
    Saw that something was on your mind,
    I asked you about it,
    You told me you were fine.
    But I didn’t believe it,
    Didn’t receive it as the truth.
    Whoever he is I’m going to kill him,
    And then I’m gonna kill you too, too, too….!”

    “No! He doesn’t even know I’m doing this
    He didn’t do anything wrong!
    He doesn’t know what’s going on.
    And I’m sorry it took so long.
    At first I thought we had a future,
    But I’m still living in the past.
    I’m wishing that I was facing him, not you,
    So I know that this wasn’t going to last.
    So now I have to leave you,
    I have to go and find him,
    I waited too long.
    I hope I still have time then, then, then...”

    I turn around to confront the sea,
    Of glaring faces staring disappointedly.
    I couldn’t take that pressure from everyone,
    And each pew becomes blurs,
    As I start to run.
    I burst through those double doors,
    Emulating into tears,
    Realizing that I had just,
    Come face to face with my fears.
    As far as my surroundings go,
    I can’t focus on a thing.
    All I can hear
    Is the voice of the man I thought I loved shouting,
    “Yea you could run off and leave me,
    But just give me back my ring, ring, ring…!!”

    My heart knows where it’s going.
    My feet have no problem following.
    I stand outside the house, his house,
    Terrified, battling inside,
    Still unsure about what I was going to do.
    Then I hear a voice from inside,
    ‘Can I help you?’
    I call his name ever so faintly.
    Feeling ever so quaintly.
    The door swings open,
    And he steps outside,
    Smile on his face,
    Eyes open wide.
    Those same eyes that undressed me,
    Looks me up and down,
    As I stand in the street,
    In a ripped wedding gown.
    “Wow never thought that I would see the day.”
    I come close and hush him,
    For I had a lot of things to say, say, say…

    “I love you ok!
    I said it, I love you!
    There’s no one else but you!
    It’s always been you!

    Tears streaming,
    Gleaming in the sun,
    My knees are weak,
    And I’m down on one.
    ‘Baby I love you,
    Just cant live without you.
    You’ve completed me,
    I’ve made you my everything,
    You’re my missing link,
    An angel without wings.
    I want to be your lady,
    I want us to make some babies.
    Make this the greatest moment of my life.
    I want your hand in marriage.
    I want to be your wife, wife wife….’

    I look into his eyes,
    I’m down on one knee,
    Trying to change our lives,
    I look around at the amused faces,
    He too is the fan of public places.
    I don’t know if he knows but,
    I’m going to stay on my knees until,
    Say please until,
    He says what I’ve been waiting on,
    All My Life :band: (That was our song)
    So he closes this chapter and says,
    ‘Yes baby I’ll marry you,
    And I’ll make you my wife, wife, wife…”
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    events i can relate to well , this was a series that hit home
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    You know Chastity, this was a tad long, but the narrative was so interesting, that I was glued til the end. I enjoyed this, and it's best to be true to your own heart.
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    I thought u were going to end with a cliff hanger! Thank God, cuz a sistah wanted to know what happened!! That was really entertaining! Great write poet!
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    Long but it was still a nice drop and a enjoyable read. :wb: