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May 7, 2009

September New Moon & New Year—MARK TIME2

Because this September 2016 had some significant events that involved the moon, it could be used as a great opportunity to use to connect the past to the present. In the days of Moses, the institution of PASSOVER was initially set to be observed on September 14 and this date became the first day of the month and also, their New Year. Although todays’ scholars almost all state that the Passover for todays’ Jews begins in the month ‘Nisan-abib’, the month of March, and imply that it began as such in Moses’ lifetime, however, they have gone to great magnitudes in order to change the dates and times of the Exodus and other major historical events that directly affect Black Africans and have as a result led to confusion. Not only that but, they’ve also added much confusion to the terms New Moon, Black Moon and Dark Moon. This September 2016, the news reports stated that there were two sequential eclipses that occurred this month and these two events can help to hopefully bring a better understanding of how history was marked in the distant past. It was reported that there was a solar eclipse that occurred on September 1, 2016 and this was followed by a lunar eclipse that was reported to occur on September 16, 2016. This lunar eclipse was also ‘THE HARVEST MOON’, the full moon that marks THE AUTUMN EQUINOX every year. But without understanding that today, some key points in regards to the definition of the MOON PHASES varies, then it would be difficult to understand how exact true science can be in order to date ancient important historical events so that we can understand exactly what happened in the distant past. So based upon the exactness of true science and in regards to the HARVEST MOON, the FULL MOON of September 2016, the question should be posed as such; ‘How can the Full Moon occur on September 16 if the New Moon occurred on September 1!?

So in order to even understand this question, more information needs to be first considered. First of all, a TRUE SCIENTIFIC CONCEPT of which happens to be also based upon observation, can be repeated over and over again with the same exact results. In regards to the MOON CYCLE, there happens to be an exactness about one aspect that has never changed since time immemorial. The time period between THE NEW MOON and THE FULL MOON has never changed and still today, after the new moon appears then after exactly fourteen (14) days, the full moon will appear. So then, how can the new moon of September 1, 2016 occur and then it takes the full moon sixteen (16) days to occur!? The answer to this question lies in the complete definition of ‘THE NEW MOON’ of which has not been readily taught to us today. We know that the news reports about the September 2016 moon cycles would be accurate due to the phenomenal occurrence of the two amazing and sequential eclipses that occurred this month. These two awesome events that mankind cannot alter or change actually MARK TIME and provides an avenue to understand why the Creator God marked the Israelite calendar and Biblical History by the moon cycle, the lunar calendar and other unchangeable events in the sky. But however, because of the eclipses of the sun and the moon and because of the moon cycle for this month, perhaps African American Christians can also understand how the truth and the Bible can be manipulated by mankind to cause confusion.

Another unchangeable scientific concept to know would be the true aspect of a solar and lunar eclipse. A solar eclipse cannot occur without the presence of A NEW MOON [i.e. BLACK MOON or DARK MOON] which moves in between the sun and the earth and line up to block the sunlight from the earth. Therefore, in a total solar eclipse, the moon can look ‘as black as sackcloth’. It would also be crucial to understand that the ancient prophets did not specify what kind of solar eclipse they wrote about but THE STANDEARD DEFINTION to mark any type of solar eclipse was ‘as black as sackcloth’ even if the actual eclipse was not in totality and likewise was their written description of lunar eclipses. A Lunar eclipse cannot occur without the presence of A FULL MOON and the earth moves between the sun and the moon and a unique alignment occurs and as the moon directly lines up behind the earth on a certain plane, it will sometimes appear to be blood red or take on other kinds of obscure imaging as a result of the eclipse. Any type of lunar eclipse written about in the bible received THE STANDARD DEFINTION ‘as blood’ to only mark that they wrote about a lunar eclipse, no matter what exact type occurred as there can be different kinds based upon the point-of-view from the earth. If the eclipses are viewed from ‘the Middle East’ as opposed to below the equator, then it could be ‘in totality’ from one viewpoint but can be defined as ‘a partial eclipse’ or etc. in another area, with a varied time duration, therefore, the prophets wrote to define eclipses from ‘a standard definition’ that defined the presence of an eclipse but not the kind it presented. So now, we know that because of the sequential eclipses this month then, there was indeed a new moon to mark September 1, 2016 and a full moon to mark September 16, 2016, therefore what happened to the exact 14-day count between the new moon and the full moon? This answer lies in the complete understanding of A NEW MOON.

Today, the definition of ‘A NEW MOON’ varies but it technically includes more than one aspect. A new moon can also be called ‘A BLACK MOON’ by some or ‘A DARK MOON’ by other scholars and both terms can be distinct the one from the other. However, a New moon should encompass both terms and also the term ‘CRESCENT MOON’ or also known as ‘WAXING CRESCENT MOON’. The moon ‘WAXES STRONG’ and grows fuller’ and then after 14-days, the moon WANES and grows thinner. This then would be the key point to better understand what just happened this month and also how the Bible records time and history. The reason why the Creator set THE FIRST OF THE MONTH for every month to begin on THE 14TH DAY of each month would be because of it would be exclusively dependent on the exactness of the timing between THE NEW MOON [i.e. CRESCENT MOON] until the complete FULL MOON which would be precisely in 14 -days. So now we know that the solar eclipse for September 1, 2016 did occur when the moon was completely A BLACK MOON, but THE CRESCENT MOON did not happen until a day later! Here in lies another amazing phenomenon that of THE LEAP YEAR or LEAP MONTH or LEAP DAYS and an occurrence of which directly affects how the Bible marks time and events that specifically relates to major prophecies and events recorded in the Bible about Jesus Christ and marked especially during the time of Moses. In order to fully understand ‘Leap Days’ the complete definition of ‘the New Moon’ must be understood in regards to ‘THE DARK MOON’ [i.e. BLACK MOON]. This year too, there happens to be much ado about the occurrence of ‘two Black Moons in one month’, and it would be this night that this NEW MOON [i.e. BLACK MOON] has been reported to occur.

THE NEW MOON begins after ‘THE WANING CRESCENT MOON’ [i.e. THE OLD MOON] ends and becomes completely dark. This DARK MOON of the New Moon period can remain dark for a short time or a longer time and can last from 1.5 even up to 3.5 days and this would be the variation of the New Moon Cycle that marks the Leap Days. Therefore, the absolute reason there are leap days completely depends on yet another incredible phenomenon that of THE EARTH’S TILT which causes SEASONS. So without the earth being tilted, there would be absolutely no seasons and also no leap days. But for some reason, the Creator God tilted this planet and as a result, this earth planet circles around the sun on this tilted axis and this would be why we have four seasons in some parts of the planet. The moon circles around the tilted earth and the timing varies from month to month based upon the earth’s tilt. So, A SYNOPTIC MOON, marks the time from one new moon to the next new moon and it varies to about 29.5 days with the longest month to about 29.80 days. So during this DARK MOON period of the New Moon, the time that the moon becomes a crescent moon directly relates to the earth being on A TILTED AXIS. If this amazing planet earth was not on a tilted axis, then we would have exactly 360 days in our yearly circuit around the sun, but because of the earth’s tilt, we have about 365 days! So therefore, the moon circles around the earth at a faster pace than the earth circles around the sun and this would be the reason for leap days! After about three (3) years, it takes about one month extra for the moon cycle to synchronize with the earth and this EQUALIZING MARK of SYNCHRONIZATION can, at times, be seen by way of our solar and lunar eclipses and more. Most of the ancient civilizations, which would include the Israelites, accounted for this leap time with a leap month, in that every three (3) years, the lunar calendar had thirteen (13) months instead of twelve (12) months. But today some civilizations account for leap days as factored into the solar calendar. When the sun, earth and moon aligns, it MARKS TIME. When the equinoxes occur, it also MARKS TIME and when the earth aligns with other stars, it also MARKS TIME.

And so, the very FIRST PASSOVER was marked by a New Moon and a Full Moon and also many other phenomena surrounded this ancient month of September especially that of the Death Angel. Out of all of the twelve (12) plagues, this last plague also marks the real meaning of the First Passover that has not been brought out well in the Churches today. Not only did the Almighty God change the Israelite New Year to begin on September 14, but He also changed the beginning of their day to start at 6:00 P.M. So for Israel, their first Passover began as they were still in Egypt in the month of Tishri-abib, September. And as they journeyed toward the Red Sea they soon learned that they were being pursued by the entire force of Egypt. As a result of the Egyptian army becoming completely overtaken by the great waters, this would mark the end of God’s judgment upon that government for their treatment of mankind for over a period of 400 years. Therefore, the complete definition of ‘Passover’ means that although God judged the Egyptian government for human sacrifice, He PASSED OVER the sins of Israel at this time in history and after they PASSED over the Red Sea, this great mercy of the Creator God was MARKED. This First Passover became an institution to be continually remembered and observed because it was set to also mark another time on this earth and that would be of the First and Second Coming of Jesus Christ, the Passover Lamb. So with a better understanding of how time and history has been marked, I will pause for reflection and hopefully be able to unfold great mysteries recorded in the Holy Bible with reference to THE LEAP YEAR FESTIVALS because it was during some of these times that some of the most astounding miracles did happen which would include the birth, resurrection and Crucifixion of the very Jesus Christ.

The Book of Exodus
… The old Hebrew year began in autumn (Ex. Xxiii. 16; cf. xxxiv. 22, I S. i. 20); and P here refers to the later custom of beginning it in spring… ethanim exodus autumn&f=false

Tishrei or Tishri (… from Akkadian tasritu “Beginning”, from surru “To begin”) is the first month of the civil year (which starts on 1 Tishrei) nd the seventh month of the ecclesiastical year (which starts on 1 Nisan) in the Hebrew calendar. The name of the month is Babylonian. It is an autumn month of 30 days. Tishrei usually occurs in September-October on the Gregorian calendar.

In the Hebrew Bible, before the Babylonian Exile, the month is called Ethanim (Hebrew: … 1 Kings 8:2).

Edwin R. Thiele has concluded, in The Mysterious Numbers of the Hebrew Kings, that the ancient Kingdom of Judah counted years using the civil year starting in Tishrei…

Edited: for grammar & sentence structure, complete thought; September 30, 2016.

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