Brother AACOOLDRE : Sending the wrong message on Black history month

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    By Andre Austin

    In 1961 a child of destiny was born to be the first black president of the USA. His mom Ann (18) and his secret father Frank Marshall Davis ( in his 50’s). To understand Obama you must first understand Frank.

    Frank moved to Hawaii in the 1940’s arriving there just a couple of years before Ann’s family. Frank moved to Hawaii to get away from the racism on the mainland. He divorced his black wife and made a vow never to have a baby by a black woman due to the racism of the White man. Frank felt that a Bi-racial kid would have more opportunity in a racist society. Therefore, the secret conception of Obama was due to racism.

    Because of the age difference, Frank’s past or simply not knowing who was the real father a dude by the name of Obama the 1st signed the birth certificate. In 2008 Obama became the first Black president of the USA and nobody black had anything to do with raising him. Every now and then Obama’s white grandfather (with whom he gets his Dumbo ears from), would take him over Frank’s house to recite poetry and have drinks. Obama’s poem “Pop” and his book “dreams from my so-called father” would discuss this. The poem “Pop” would focus a great deal on Pop’s eyes because the poem is trying to link itself with a poem Davis wrote (47th street) where a Popeye and Anne share the same line with a green bus (Obama green man) that snorts. The Title of Obama book “dream from my father” also works interactively with Franks poem called “Dreams”:


    Are children

    Who come at night

    To play make-believe-Frank Davis

    My interpretation is that Obama confesses that his Book “Dreams from my father” are untrue and to play make-believe. All of this is supported by Frank Davis daughter Lynn Davis who looks just like Obama. Her high school Farrington High school in Hawaii are claming up along with Davis biographer in Hawaii. Frank was crazy about Ann because he wrote poems to her, mentioned her name in his book Sex Rebel: Black and took nude pictures of her in his house on his chair and couch. I’m not convinced the pictures are the mother of Obama but radio personalities like Alex Jones are.

    Black people don’t have anything to be proud about Obama because nobody black had anything to do with raising him. Additionally, his father didn’t to lay his seed with a black woman and admitted in his book Sex Rebel: Black that he was bi-sexual. A man who rejects black woman due to white racism now wants to sleep with white men. This reminds me of Eldridge Cleaver essay on James Baldwin in his book Soul on Ice:

    “The case of James Baldwin aside for a moment, it seems that many Negro homosexuals, acquiescing in this racial death-wish, are outraged and frustrated because in their sickness they are unable to have a baby by a white man. The cross they have to bear is that, already bending over and touching their toes for the white man, the fruit of their miscegenation is not the little half-white offspring of their dreams but an increase in the unwinding of their nerves-through they redouble down their efforts and intake of the white man’s sperm”. p.100 Cleaver would apologize later to Baldwin for his poetic attack.

    Not only did Davis and Obama bend over to that white Phallus and that white rotten juice that flowed from it but only to the theology of White supremacy. This quote above from cleaver would be like a 50% reincarnation of Frank Davis, almost the opposite flip of a coin and would be more of Obama who frequented the gay bars and bath houses of Chicago up until 2004 before running for Senator. Larry Sinclair told the truth when he wrote that he performed oral sex on Obama in a car and hotel while he did crack or cocaine. Like father like sun they were both bi-sexual. He had a chance to become a champion to the gays but has decided not to tell the truth.

    Frank Davis refusing to plant his seed in a blackwoman because of White racism is sending the wrong message and a submission to white supremacy. Instead of puking white Sumpmacy out they inhaled it all in hook, line and sinker,

    Obama has less than a year in office now and his big fans hold their breath for his presidential Memoirs. Will he tell the truth about his real father=Kenya vs. Hawaii; will he self-disclose his real passion for another man vs woman. Will Obama “Frankly-Speak” like the byline of his real dad or hide behind allegories and subterfuge? Will Obama release the Monkey off his back and come out the closet? Only time will tell if he will send the right message of telling the truth.

    P.S How do you go about getting a refund for a book when you discover you have been lied to?

    Saturday Night Live wasn’t off the mark when they joked that Obama was the first gay president elected.

    So I say what Lincoln said:

    Lincoln’s Speech on the Dred Scott decision

    Date: June 26, 1857

    Subject: mulattos/ race mixing

    “Jude Stephen A Douglass is specially horrified at the thought of the mixing blood by the white and black races: Agreed for once-a thousand times agreed. There are white men enough to marry all the white women, and black men enough to marry all the Black women; and so let them be married”.