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    "...The bible said Semitic tribes descended from Noah's son Shem, or Sem. This mythical personage was actually a title of Egyptian priests of Ra, who then fully initiated were allowed to wear the panther skin (as priests of Dionysus and Yahweh did also) and called themselves Shem. These Priests in turn may have evolved from the class of Egyptian Priestesses called Shemat "singing mothers," who knew the hymns and words of power. They were called Shem-su Hor or Hathors. The story of these amazing beings, the Shesu-Hor is worthy of momentary look. The Royal Papyrus of Turin (written during the time of Ramses II) records that the reign of the Shemsu-Hor stretches to remote antiquity (up to a fantastic 40,000 years.) These kings lists call the Shemsu-Hor Akhu, meaning "Transfigured Spirits". Akhu is the plural o akh or 'light', inferring that the Shemsu-Hor were light beings..." Source(s)-- a. page 149, "Cloak Of The Illuminati' by William Henry; b. Book of the Dead, 221, 278

    Page 902 - The Women's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets - Barbara G. Walker