Black People : 'Selma' Ignores the Radical Grassroots Politics of the Civil Rights Movement

movies are way too influential on black youth to not be accurate......

I tend to agree.

If you are going to make a movie about a true story, stick to the facts. I understand taking artistic liberty to tell a story, i.e. keeping people in their seats, but don't change the facts.

The whole story about the civil rights movement in America is IMO filled with enough, drama, emotion and courage to stand on it's own as a movie.
Must remember also that the King family had nearly all of his speeches copyright and gave the rights to another director for another movie.

They downplayed many aspects of the civil rights movement... choosing King Jr. to highlight his passive protest with a sidebar statement on their idea of violent protest of those which protected themselves with weaponry as shown in Negroes with Guns... or using Malcolm X as a message of how it could've went with his meeting with Coretta King
that movie was done to pacify the masses and perpetuate the "dream"/ lie that is actually a "nightmare" with its not so-factual content
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I saw the movie a few days ago. It was okay seeing an up to date movie on the life of Dr. King, but it wasn't quite all that. When I walked out the theater, I still had this gut feeling that there was some kind of hidden agenda under the guise of sharing black history that took place during that time. I heard the film was suppose to be about the last 3 years of Dr. Kings life, but instead it seemed to focus more on what happened 3 years before his life ended. I hoped it would focus a little more on the riots after his assassination, since Ferguson and NYC sparked a new movement, which did result in rioting. However the film did just what I expected, which was to help take the focus off or water down any new strategies that we may come up with as a result of todays uprisings.

One big thing we all should have noticed was how this film clearly showed Dr. King to be an adulterer, and how it disturbed his marriage. With the bringing down of Cosby and so many other black male public figures lately, this seems suspect. This movies shows he practically confessed when asked. So they went from Cosby, which was bad enough, up to Dr. King, and nobody even noticed it. Why does the movie give King a guilty verdict, when we know Cointelpro was in operation? There were a few other things that quite didn't add up, but I'm not going to go into it.

When I saw the movie trailer of the church bombing, I was expecting to see some played out scenes of other things that happened in the 60's, since they put so much work into that tragic scene. However, that scene came at the beginning of the movie, and most of the other major events where just spoken of in the movie, but not played out, with the exception of the murder of Jimmy Lee Jackson. So I guess to cover everything, you will need part two and three, like the King movie starring Paul Winfield. But I still think they could have shown more of other events in this 2 hour movie. In order to cover more, I think the movie should have been a 3 hour movie, or at least 2 hours and 45 minutes. Nonetheless, I still feel they got across only what they wanted to get across, trying to leave us back somewhere in the 60's, as far as coming up with a strategy is concerned. And they used Selma, and they only wanted us to focus on peaceful marching, and be proud of getting busted up.

I also noticed in this movie how they tried to show how white people sacrificed, and they definitely played out those scenes, but I won't say no more. I'll let you see the movie, which most probably did by now if they really wanted to see it bad. Not to take away from those white people who lost their lives, but it appears they want us to focus on those few, and not see 50 years later how so many of them are trying to make Darren Wilson and George Zimmerman millions after they're racist system let them walk for chasing down and murdering our young brothers. Not to mention the others.

I haven't seen the pic, but there does seem to be an ongoing ploy to yet again revise recent history, also to avoid and evade even letting our criticisms be aired on public radio segments, etc.

I. e., it is a insider's ploy, as in to determine the agendas by default, hence the outcomes...

So much for our right of free speech too...

My reply:

No justice/no peace...

End of speech...

The messages remain the same, though the numbers of people running down the party line has gotten much smaller, as the nation's demographics reveal why so many whites also voted for Obama, too...

I. e., most non activists of any skin shade did and do place their (blind) faith in the two mainstream politic parties, and only a handful of them also believe we can or will do more than just make more noise, not a real difference...

Whatever new young activists and/or their leaders emerge next, they also do have to be all of the things Obama et al fall far short of measuring up to, as in truly servants of the people of this nation, etc.



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