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    Hoteph My Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Well now, Black folks never cease to amaze me and it seem as if it is the
    Black Afrikan, well some of us, that seem to be obsessed in making the Human
    Species just one big indistinctive species.

    Why is it that Black folks, known as Afrikans, seem to be dissatisfied with
    the fact that the Construct of the Human world, consist of a diverse of
    people and is identified by pigment and characteristics and features.

    We all live in a what is called a global world and such a world is
    interactive with those who make up such a world, therefore giving meaning to
    the saying, " No Man Is An Island Unto Himself", which mean we all feed off
    of each other, whether it is food of Harmony with Balance or food of Racist
    prejudice and it matters a **** lot as to who did or is doing the
    constructing of the diet that is being fed to the world.

    It matter not what I might decide to call myself or how I might view myself
    or all others who make up this world, because in order to give what I think
    of the make up of the world, is insignificant, if the world do not accept my
    thoughts of world classification.

    Regardless of how we feel about our Black Afrikan self, the world has so
    classified us and so placed us in a world society stratum and the norm is,
    within the world society there are what is called Afrikan Blacks, European
    Caucasian whites and Asians Mongolians yellowish, now that is the complexion
    of this world society and regardless of how much we dislike our society
    identity, that world society has accepted such human classification and now
    here we are attempting to self nullify our identity and expect the world to
    react with approval.

    Let me say this to the black Afrikan, if we have a need to have one
    classification of the Human species and have the world society to accept our
    classification without stratification, then why don't we get off of our
    behind and get in a position in the world where what we think will count, in
    other words have influence and creditability, thus having the power to
    change the racial classification that is now acceptable by the world

    Of all of the Races in the world, it is the Black Afrikan that is involved
    to self nullify our identity and we even have gone a step further to
    reclassify all of the Human species as being one and the same without
    distinction, how pitiful have we become as Afrikan people.

    The Human Species is divided into many category of Race and the oppressors
    have so classified and stratified those Races and we can come along and play
    make believe about who we are but the fact is the world accept us and know
    us and treat us as Black and Afrikan.

    So what our Ancient Ancestors Proper, thought of themselves and did refer to
    themselves as Beings, was and is of no worldly significance to us today, our
    Ancestors controlled the world at that Time and civilized it, but now, look
    at the children of those godly people, we do not control nor do we have
    authority over anybody, not even ourselves and the fact we are attempting to
    nullify who we are at this Time, speak volumes about how insignificance and
    irrelevant the people known as Black and Afrikan has become in the world.

    There is only one Race of Black Afrikans and I choose not to grandfather in
    those who call themselves white, Jewish and european or Arab and pretend
    that we are all the same and for whose sake, if not for those who so
    classified us as Black and Afrikan and treated such as being inferior to all
    else that is a member of the Human Species, which consist of a diverse of

    It Is time To condemn The Lie and Elevate The truth!!!

    We Must cause Trouble (with the truth ) Until Our Liberation.

    I come, I Share, You Either Accept Or Reject, I Move On.

    Completely Loving the Black Afrikan nation


    Chief elder
    National Chairman
    Sankofa Repatriation Movement