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Aug 1, 2019
Sharing some very useful websites if you need to raise your awareness, self-educate, or research a few things and discuss here while here on Destee =)

For self-help and elevation knowledge you can use this free online website:

For new age and spiritual research

For raising your awareness and rabbit hole research use this free online website

The conscious community has shared these resources with me, I'm sharing them with you.
Each One Teach One. More to discuss as we learn and grow. :grouphug2: :D:flamethrower:
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Jun 13, 2007
A few months ago I discovered an app that has changed the way I use YouTube. It is called NewPipe and it does better searches and will download most videos from YouTube. It will not download the Free YouTube movies and private videos I think but the majority of stuff that interests me works fine.

NewPipe, Android App

Once downloaded I watch the videos with MX Player. This provides more control than YouTube like speed at 5% increments instead of 25%, and a equalizer to change the sound. I have used MX Player for years.

MX Player

So I can do searches on YouTube like:

Malcolm X
Green energy

And find videos to download and watch them when I do not have wi-fi access. This could be very useful educationally. A 90 minute documentary takes 2 minutes to download. Some courses are 6 hours. So a student with no internet access at home could load up a tablet at a library to watch later.
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