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    There must be a constant self-evaluation to make sure what you know is truly in line with what you are doing to fulfill your mission/purpose for your community.

    When was the last time you attempted to reconcile your thoughts and words with your deeds? How did you go about it?

    Come out of her, my people!

    The Sons Of The Diaspora
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    Very good question.

    In everyway, I do not put down the living conditions of another.

    I do not add to the clutter, by littering on the ground.

    I help the children I see in the store. Wanting something they knew they don't have enough money to pay for. I wait to see them work out the math. I like to see how they take away something, trying not to loose anything. Negotiating ( parlaying if you will with the clerk. Him or her giving them grief if they linger and seem to create a line of customers.) for the entire counter full of what was in their hands. After I help them I remind them to share with all that showed up with them. Children never forget you if you make an impression on them.

    I talk with youth. All the time. If I see them doing wrong. I question it, not by saying anything. But in a look. I stop and look at their actions long enough to draw a response or hesitation out of them. It makes them correct them selves without me saying a word. The ones I know, and now they know me.

    Say hello when they see me. Have a different respect, maybe and only at the moment they see me. But it a start and I could be wrong. They may have turned things around in their outlook about life, what they can offer or what it can offer them.

    Those I see selling drugs, I know. I tell them it isn't right. In all the trappings it holds. Even about the betrayal of those in their crew. That scares them for sure. But the reality, and it may not be as prevalent I don't know. You can't get out once you cross over. By murdering someone to get in the gang. Because the threat, hangs over you of being forever implicated. Plus when you quit, you know too much and are a threat if not competition.

    Change a persons outlook, and how they perceive something and you make a lasting impression.

    When I speak with them. i Ask where are they headed? Whats on your mind? Do you have any future plans? I once traveled fifty miles to talk with fifteen kids about life. I was so nervous. They are a tough audience. I turned the eighteen year old away from destructive behavior. Motivated all the younger kids. By showing them that at their age. They could be like I was at eight and ten. I was an entrepreneur. I sold candy, toys, and my old things I knew my friends wanted. I brought them a catalog vendor they all could order from to get crafts, toys and candy. ( ) There are many others too. Show kids the way. My sister was my first customer. She knew my opening hours.

    I leave children with a challenge. If possible I share ideas of opportunity, by showing them with a few dollars they could make more without taking it, stealing it or hurting another to get it. Plus I showed them all the power of dreaming and planning.