Black People : Self-Destructive Music

Discussion in 'Black People Open Forum' started by Flow Like That, Jan 21, 2004.

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    Last week I picked up my sixteen year old nephew from school. As I gave my nephew and a few of his friends a ride home, one of his friends was playing a song from a so-called artist by the name of "Juvenile." The title of the song was "In My Life." I couldn't help but be infuriated by the lyrics I was hearing.

    Apparently the content of the song was nothing more than materialisitc, self-destructive behavior. The track went as follows: I gonna buy cars, I'm gonna get clothes, I'm gonna rock jewels, I'm gonna f_ _ _ h_ _ _ , I'm gonna smoke w_ _ _, I need it in my life, I wan't it in my life, got to have it in my life, come put it in my life.

    This is nothing but garbage!

    My first thought was hip hop has changed (for the worse) since time when I first began to bop my head to hip hop in the eighties. Secondly, I was more disturbed of the fact our young Black men along with Mr. Charlie and co. our poisoning our youth with this nonsense. Not only are they trying to destroy us with drugs and alcohol, but corrupt the psyche of our youth with demonic music. As a Black man I'm hurt by this.

    Eventually I emailed the record company in regard to my contempt. No response as of yet. However, to really put their feet to the fire it will take numerous emails and letters to show we care about our youth.

    Anyone who is truly concerned can direct their emails to

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    ....LOL yea I hear you Flow, most of these songs are pityful....these dudes dont have anyhing else to live for, and this is an easy way for them to make money (the "American Dream").......and it's good to see someone actually taking some action rather than just complaining....:spank: :jumping:.....but I honestly dont think that it will do any good, because you aren't their audience (they could care less about what one with your mindset has to say)'s the young people whom the attention needs to be directed towards.....sometimes I think about going back home and becoming Superintendent of my terrible school system...:spank: :teach:...and all this being one of the reasons......but hopefully things will improve before any of that would be possible.
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    Flow...I know what you mean. The name of the group says a lot about that song. It would be nice if our cd players gave us the ability to erase the lyrics of these songs and just leave the music. Most often the messages in many of today's songs aren't about much except money, love, anger and hostility. The beats and rhythms can be nice, but when you listen to the words, not much substance is there.

    But tell us, did you happen to engage the young man in a conversation about the music he was listening to? If so, I would find it interesting to see some of the exchange.

    Also, who owns cash money you know? I haven't checked the link out yet, but I will.

    Peace! :spinstar: