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    I titled this Sekhmet Speaks because there is a rage within me this afternoon that must be expressed. I have by and large always tried to love my Nubian brothers and sisters unconditionally; but today I find myself incapable of this feat. When a Black man or Woman stands in defense of self-destructive actions and thoughts and deliberately blocks the truth, or the redemption of Nubian thought I find my feelings towards them reacting as if they were the enemy. Allow me to tell this story as briefly as I can:

    I have known this Black man now for almost 2 years, and in that time my Afro-centricity has always been forthright - and at times there have been conflicts, because of what he calls my "confrontation". He has even called me a racist (against white people). Now, I realize that a tiger doesn't change his stripes, but I used to believe it is possible for awakening within the African mind at almost any age.

    Today this Black man, who is expecting a child, has no income, no home, and no real plans in motion for support, visited a Catholic church. I'm going to recant the parable as it was told to me, cuz I think it's relevant to the message the parishoners receive. There was a professor who put out coffee for his students one day. Some of the coffee was served in nice cups, and some was served in less desirable looking cups. When the class began, all the nice cups had been used. And the point was that although everyone wants the things in life that are nice in appearance, God comes in many forms even that which is average or less desirable. (God being the coffee) should not be overlooked because of the container - so don't be materialistic.
    Now, I ask myself, what in this sermon was going to assist this man in finding the motivation and purpose required to rise to the calling of FATHERHOOD. What in this sermon gave this man a sense of direction and guidance in finding himself and his ability to produce?

    Isn't the hypocrisy of preaching against materialism, very obvious when coming from the very wealthy and decadent Catholic church? I told this person that I found his behavior rather disturbing, why visit a church with Caucasian idols surrounding the environment, the false portrayal of God, and expect to hear truth or spiritual direction from this place? His child to come, is going to be a beautiful African child, and under no circumstances will the mother permit the brainwashing or indoctrination of her baby. The position of this Black man, was that he wanted to see things from a different perspective, and he recognized the "whiteness" of it all, but still felt it was an valuable experience. I asked if he would visit a Nazi / White Supremist speaker, and he said yes! To be able to compare doctrines! Now, after living in this society for more than 30 years, if you don't know what the White agenda is already, you're either blind, ignorant or incapable of rational thought. I pointed out, that the company one keeps, and the vibration that one surrounds himself with is that which he will rise to become. If you hang out with the Devil, you will think like one, and become one. If you want to awaken the God within you, then you had better spend your time and energy focused upon that which is LIFE, that which CREATES. Obstinate, and stubborn, this person deliberately seeks to defy that which is Pro-African, and I told him so.

    He ended the conversation by telling me he was watching Star Wars with his friend.... the irony of the situation being that Star Wars, like Lion King is an adaptation of ancient Kemetic parables; this being completely lost on him for a lack of true knowledge. But I suppose when he seeks an education from sources that despise him, it would be impossible to know what originated from his own people!
    I hung up the phone, exasperated and feeling that his company is no longer worthy of my time. As I pointed out to this Haitian descendant, his people back home are eating dirt to survive, while the Catholic church collects tithes from it's parishoners. Starving our people, denying our people access to clean water, and the very essentials of life, and he wants to crawl all up in their place of worship... I think that if I could embody Sekhmet for awhile, I may very well destroy these traitors, these anti-African followers, and it would not matter the color of skin. I cannot claim to have always been awake, I have a past which in itself holds moments of shame and grief for the actions I performed in ignorance and fear. And the persona/girl that I was had to die, so that my African mind and spirit could be reborn into a functioning and worthy individual. It may not be the last re-birth in my lifetime, but it was worth the journey to not be laid to rest a mental and spiritual slave.

    What has happened Brothers and Sisters that we can so forget the brutality of this enemy? What has happened to our nature that we can "forgive" that which is ultimately unforgiveable.... and yes, I said it. Some things are unforgiveable. Even from a Christian perspective, Jehovah does not forgive Satan, he remains at war with him, using humanity as players on the chess board. There is no forgiveness here, so what is wrong with our mental wiring that we can forgive those who continue to harm us, and refuse to Let MY PEOPLE GO.

    I shake my head today, I feel anger today, and I feel no forgiveness....
    Today I believe that the ancestors themselves would rather see us dead than acting as stupidly as we sometimes do. For those who want to see the Creator in White, seek not my company for I will unleash my wrath without mercy. For today, I am Sekhmet and I have spoken.

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    My sister, please take the advise of one who has been called a racist so many times that it feels like a nickname. There are some things that can change,heal evolve or develop. However, you cannot change peoples view of us and our struggle. I dont have a large family, but I dont associate at all with most of them. I swear somtimes they remind me of C.J. in "A Soldiers Story". But what you can do is continue to be the Strong Pro African sister that you appear to be. That is all you can do. They WONTchange. I dont try. Many are truly white in blackface. They are what they are. remember, "just beacuse you stick a feather in your *** does not make you a chicken". :qqb011: I dont claim to know the answer to this but I just leave them where they are. I for one cannot help them. I will pray for a band of Afrikan angels to grant you peace from this B.S.

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