Black Authors : Seeking Book Reviews

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    :) Hi All!

    I want to introduce myself and to tell you that I have enjoyed reading the material posted at this website.

    I recently had two of my children's/young adult novels published in ebook format and this fall one of the books will be converted into hardcover. Nevertheless, the hardcover format will be a lot more costly than the ebooks which are presently being sold for only $4.00 each.

    " I am an ex-police officer. Having had the opportunity to work in an urban community where everything was unpredictable inspired me to write children's books with a touch of harsh reality. If my children books never become a bestseller I won’t cringe as long as I know the books are on the market and they are capable of promoting logical thinking at a critical period in some child’s life."

    I would like to invite you to visit my website at to read two free chapters from each book. After you read the chapters, I would appreciate it if you would drop me a line via email or leave me a bookview on the website and let me know what you think of the books? Although I am always receptive to constructive criticism, I think you and your family will enjoy reading the books.

    I will try to post the synopsis of each book on here, but if there isn’t enough room I’ll just start another post.

    “A CHILD’S INTUITION” is about a little girl who takes immediate action to protect herself when she suspects she’s being stalked by a dangerous pedophile.

    “WHO’S YOUR HERO” or “WRONG PLACE, WRONG TIME, WRONG CROWD” ‘grin’ I’m still indecisive about the title because both titles suit the book perfectly. Maybe I should take a poll from the readers and let them decide on an appropriate title. Anyhow the book is about three young brothers and a friend going undercover to investigate an older brother's idiosyncrasies after a number of mishaps take place. The storyline deals with sibling rivalry, peer pressure, and illegal drugs. The children have many lessons to learn and many hurdles to overcome, but each character is able to grow. Peace!