Black Poetry : Seek Solace

Mario William vitale

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Jun 6, 2017
for I seek solace from the very fibers on her being
her placid smile that permeates a resolve of sympathy
love is the very fabric of her existence shun its resistance in every circumstance
learn to take part in the dance
shadows may block the vortex of her pearl shaped eyes
the gloss on her lens is vanquished with a wet texture
she had treasured a red rose that was plucked a time before
in broadened columns of hue the taste of a sliced melon
she sits alone now watching her cat with head held high
her mind often wanders through Autumn's vain existence
for I seek solace in a vision tossed to and fro

the promise of a great tommorrow with a big house
tucked away finances that were invested many years ago
she often looks through a dull lens or so it does depend
upon a window or a song but it won't be long
love for her has gained it also has lost humanities heaviest of cost
seeking further solace in her dreams of flight
filled with kings, queens & knight
forgetting the night and the day is far spent in thought
she often swweps things underneath the rig as she cleans her room

the forest for her is as if lavender and pearls
she often brings along her cat named Samatha
there she can breath away to a fantasy of sought after make believe
perched in the corner by a stone wall lies an owl with claws vested intently
out of the corner of her eye she greats a merchant passing by
clouds hover overhead as she gasps for air to calm her tight clutched pelvis
lucid dreams are made in flight forget the night
in pale humble saddened apparel she falls asleep on the barren path in the forest
there once again the twilight sun has tainted her inner vision
she is left with an aura enhanced with rumors of golden exhaltation


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