Black Poetry : Seeing Through The Eyes Of Wise Men

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    Seeing Through The Eyes Of Wise Men
    Two Sample Poems:
    Some Say
    Some say you are real while some say you don’t exist.
    Some say that you die and wonder in a spiritual mists.
    Some say you are angry because we haven’t done our best.
    Some say you are angry because we changed when we left the nest
    Some say you’re not listening because you don’t hear the cry.
    Some say you are a spirit that watches people suffer and die.
    Some say you are a spirit of truth and blessings and not luck.
    Some say you favor the righteous but not the corrupt.
    Some say you have turned your back on the people and this includes the righteous.
    Some say you’re not blessing the land, not even the slightest.
    Some say you are for justice, while others say you’re vengeful.
    Some say you fill people’s cups even when they’ve been full.

    Some say you brought men to help guide us through this valley.
    Some say you stopped giving us the fruit, because we didn’t walk with it proudly.
    Some say you are watching, but not showing us any actions.
    Some said you are letting us go through hard times so we can practice.
    Some say on the Day of Judgment you will be the only judge.
    Some say you are not letting anybody in, because you hold a grudge.
    Some say you will bring your beloved prophet back to defeat your fallen brother.
    Some say you will destroy this earth and create another.
    Some say you will not return and, you will sit by and watch this world crumble.
    Some say this is for our own good, because we were not humble.

    Letter to God
    Dear god I know it’s been a while since we last shared some words.
    Since we lasts talked more problems have occurred.
    I try to show love to people but people don’t show love in return.
    I know I’ve done my share of wrong but the key is to learn.
    Ever since the last time we talked, there have been people that have wished death on me.
    People see that I have problems but don’t want to get no help for me.
    I try to do right but the devil keeps testing me.
    I feel my actions are the reason you aren’t blessing me.
    I know we haven’t talked for a while, but I’m asking you for forgiveness.
    I’m asking you for this, because I want to show you my willingness.
    Sometimes I do wonder if you really exist.
    Ever since I was little I have felt that you haven’t granted my wish.

    But still I’ve prayed to you, to ask you for a change.
    But sometimes it seems like it’s always the same.
    You never answer me back, and you never tell me you have received my message.
    But every time I question you my blessings lessen.
    Sometimes I wonder if I’m going to ever get an answer from you the up most high.
    Or is it going to be that day when we meet in the up most high sky.
    I may not ever get an answer from you until I do better.
    But still try to help me out by answering this letter.

    Street Rationale: Two Poem Sample:
    A Man’s Quote
    Will I ever have the chance to be remembered as a remarkable prodigy?
    I have what it takes, but I have a feeling that things won’t end properly.
    My mother tells me that I should try to think logically.
    But how can I think logically when I have been unable to receive an apology.
    You may think that these are nothing more then mere words.
    But at least these words will be a song for the birds.
    You may not hear my voice being played on a disk.
    You may not see me with a rolex on my wrist.
    But that doesn’t change the fact that I have an artistic mind, like the great sculptors.
    You’ll never have to worry about my face being plastered on posters.
    There are many that would question the art, but they don’t understand the artists.
    Many just suck the meat from the bones but forget about the life of the carcass.
    Why not be a scientists why be so focused on being an athlete.
    You claim you want to accomplish these things, but look at your rap sheet.
    By your attitude I can tell that your weed has been laced.
    Situations like that will have you lying in a pile of waist.
    Put down the guns and start building with your hands.
    In a few years we will look back and see where you stand.
    Poetic Soliloquy
    To create this world he had to start it off as a ball.
    As he stretched the ball he gave birth to planets and stars that would soon stand tall.
    As he observed his creation he realized that his creation needed to be resolved.
    And this became the stage when his creation would evolve.
    Since he was lonely he gave birth to the angels and the heavens.
    He spit the world in two and split the heavens in sevens.
    When he landed on a rock he articulated the words, “Lets give birth to the skies.”
    Lets make it possible for mountains to rise.
    Lets create a creature that is able to see through two eyes.
    And lets create sin so the creatures will be able to pick their own demise.
    He was able to create winds with one breath.
    A look into his eyes would lead to an automatic sentence to death.
    His creation is so unique it’s like you could compare it to a musical genre.
    Christians call him Jehovah while the Muslims call him Allah.
    What emerged from his precious waters was the legendary Great Ape.
    The creature was fast, quick, intelligent plus it had a great shape.
    As the creature grew over time it learned how to stand up right.
    But when it learned how to decide between good and evil it would disband from light.
    The god decided to create the concept of time as he reached his twilight.
    He would send down angels in a skin like armor to preach to those who had blind sight.
    He realized that man has changed since the days of the Hobbit.
    So that’s when he decided to create one of his greatest creations the prophet.
    He sent down many of them and with them came the rules of human nature.
    These laws came to soothe the man’s nature.
    He guarded his land with Lions and Tigers.
    He took a force that was hidden inside of him and used it to create the viper.
    The earth needed a holy capital so then came the Land of Canaan.
    Man took one of Gods’ greatest creations and brought it to the Hands of Satan.
    Men have fallen much deeper since the days of the garden.
    Our instincts and our intelligence have sharpened.
    We fall more deeper in the hole as the window closes.
    We have forgot the teachings of Abraham and our father Moses.
    We damned our lives when we played with dice.
    We wouldn’t have fallen from the grace of the designer if we would’ve stayed with Christ.
    Men wallow in the pit while the Boys yell Salam.
    Women wait by the windows as the girls pass the baton.
    Since that Great Ape arrived, intelligence separated from the divine.
    We will lose our light while the sun will still shine.
    This was all orchestrated by some type of intelligent design.
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    Grand words for the stories of dark colliding with stary moons to create a whole new day delicately told and pondered as us becoming one of many of hours discovered again each day given.
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