Black Poetry : Seeing The Light


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May 11, 2006
Seeing The Light

Squashing your spleen and like a washing machine perform
An action to bleach your brain and reach for your dame calm
With cocky soaps and choppy quotes but got some sex leaving
You dumb and complex sitting on jerry Springer not breathing
Went to jail done time now prevail and be of one mind got tons
Of rhymes to flow about life rap deft but must adapt myself to fun
and freedom again, let my fraud pass now I can broadcast over
the airwaves my love affairs craves for sex girls holds my shoulder
like Jay-Z strange and wild change my style to suit a new purpose
an absolute new circus in life got clowns to deal and that stir fuss
like a lieutenant I’m in it towin it then take charge and make large
amounts of cash accounts get trash and smash like ant mound can’t dodge
this, like politicians I’m ready to make a speech even the dumb get reached
with these fruitful words and truthful verbs in schools they’re teached
I’m crazy like a fat baby cry out at mom and dad for a good cause
Alert and proud like a concert crowd greet music with a loud applause
Like movie directors dominate acts while newspapers accommodate facts
Fed crimes to the headlines drink red wines to get high do great attacks
On critics, sip nice snapples life is like apples turn into vinegar I wear
The perm of a winner but concerned a bout dinner when I enter will share
With my girl plates of rice, hates ice in my soda,


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