Black Poetry : SEEING STUFF

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    My rhymes like archery shoot arrows with a bow and
    polute bone marrows with flow like Cupid got a plan
    like Chris Brown stunting is a habit here I am hunting
    Them rabbits alert a lot as my expert shot is very cunning
    Architected to harmonize with my dead aim it bring red
    Flame from gun barrels much fun and apparel lies ahead
    After the deer hunt, I’m a disciple with a bible hard to survive
    Without an archive of man’s spiritual growth lyricals post alive
    With facts, got a freaky job deeply involved with rap tremendous
    And yap continous about life while on a route of strife stupendous
    For success, talk strong while I walk along with HIP HOP arm
    And arm and charm microphone and harm domes with verbal storms
    Present an argurement in favor of rap as my flavor trap mad heads
    On the street even the misled and weak listen some have said
    I’m the Albert Einstein on rhyme bring atomics and Ebonic that’ll
    Blow up Hiroshima in a narrow Katrina path of destruction with fat
    Clouds in atmosphere loud lightning appear and fighting the fear
    Like HHURRICANE CHRIS thinking about HALLE BERRY in
    a cat suit a phat cute have a MONSTER BALL kissing her again
    and again like BILLY BOB get silly involved with a love affair that’ll expand
    my sex search, Beyonce and J-LO has a halo from being bootylicious I’m gonna
    Wanna put a ring on it