Black Poetry : Seeing straight

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    Seeing straight

    This freak career keep me in fear wanna run to the sauna //For fun but someone gonna gun me down must be a good runner //Or catch one round in the back end up a clown act in the hospital //Do attractive spitting active as a kitten but laxatives are forbidden //From my bowels leave gum on my vowels constipated and admitting //I’m devastated gitting educated in rap wanna be a word crafter //Vary onroute to carry out an attack on whack rappers //With my mind see great enough to recreate stuff from chapters //Of the past, discover and entire world as fire is hurled //Down the throats of microphones that choke domes girls //Scream, but on a small scale this could all fail and cause //A boom in the bulding, folks listen to tunes chilling no flaws //In my game even Santa Claus came with a bag of toys so pause //On calling me whack start falling back and rethink your moves //My scriptures ona slant like pictures by Rembrandt they proves //Real artistry flowing and will start a tree to growing stuff lube //Grounds and move clowns off stage in a soft rage into practice //Hurting everyday in a certain way while alerting prey not an actress //Look my art annoint head and grease dark points on dreads //While finger joints spread gort a green thumb my plants have fed //The extreme dumb and made scholars and now they parade with dollars //In their pockets some are rocket scientists, other work in hair parlors //