Chief Elder Osiris : Seeing, Not Looking, At Michael Jackson

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    Seeing, Not Looking, At Michael Jackson

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Much is written and spoken about Michael Jackson since his death, not to say that he was not the target of the public eye of concern while he was alive, but now more than ever, Michael is being scrutinized and analysed as a person of great interest and people who would not speak freely of Michael when he was alive, is now speaking about the Man who was in the mirror of our eyes.

    I have always admired the talent of Michael but did not take the time to get to know the spirit of the man, I guess because I was so occupied with the outside of Michael, while the inside was not noticed, to busy looking and not seeing the greater good of the spirit Michael expressed to the world.

    That go to show, when looking at somebody, you do allow your self to believe the things that are said by others about somebody, and those doing the saying, is of evil thoughts concerning you, and if that which is said is projecting a description of somebody that is contradicting the spirit of that somebody, then you should know that those doing the describing in such an evil way, have you looking at what is being said about some body, instead of you seeing the Divine Truth concerning that somebody being described in such an evil way.

    Michael was the innocent made to become a victim to him self, but only on the out side, and because we are lookers in life, and not seers, we become confused and lost in knowing the beauty of a Divine spirit, when it is in our presence.

    Because you should be made to see, we have become conditioned to believe the evil said about somebody, by looking while missing the grace of the Greater Good of that same somebody you have been made to pass judgement about.

    All because of you looking at only the out side and is not qualified to see the inside of that which you are looking at, and that is how Michael Jackson was presented to the mirror of your looking eyes, you with an inability to see the Divine Greater Good of Michael Jackson.

    Therefore, Michael became a danger unto him self as he proceeded to destroy the outer body self, and because that is all that the majority of a world made to be evil does, which is look upon the outer surface of somebody, while making judgement about that somebody that you do not see.

    So most of the world became Michael Jackson executioner, yes Michael was murdered, but the killing started long before Michael death became known to the world of his evil executioners, they which began over the span of his early childhood to the completion of his outer transformation of that part of Michael, that only most of the world was able to only look at of Michael, and not see Michael Jackson.

    It is the Spirit of you that reveal the Real you, and the Mind is what condemn you, and it is the Mind that reveal the spirit that reflect the Real you, you that reside inside of the outer body, which only can be seen and not be looked at, it being that which cause you to believe what you are looking at, which is causing you not to know about that which you can not see of Michael Jackson.

    In order for you to have known Michael Jackson, required for you to be able to see and know the beauty and power of innocent, and when such purity of Reality is surrounded with the evil of greed and deceit, which Michael was covered with, and is what you only was made to look at, that beloved, is what you past judgement by, about that concerning Michael Jackson, as the beauty of Michael innocence went without seeing, which is a requirement of you, in order to have known the Man, Michael Jackson.

    The charge against Michael being a stalker and abuser of Children, had no place in the presence of Michael the innocent, innocence not based upon a civil court of Law, but innocence based upon the Divine Spirit Michael Mind projected of Michael Jackson.

    It was Divine innocence that caused Michael Jackson to admit Publicly that he did in fact invited children to his bed and only a profane Mind did interpret such an admission to be of evil intent, it was to say that Michael was being self condemning to the world by making such an admission.

    When in fact it was the innocence of Michael Mind that was revealing such a Divine Truthful Spirit, which many in the world took to condemn Michael with, simply because you were looking at Michael and was not capable of Seeing the innocence of Michael admission about the children.

    Looking has an effect on how you hear and many time, looking prevent you from hearing what is being said in the presence of a looker, because looking is believing and does condemn blindly, while seeing represent the freedom of Mind and cause you to be able to hear with knowledge, understanding, and comprehension, of that which is being said, which qualify you to be able to look in conjunction with seeing, giving you an ability to know what you are hearing and to be able to determine whether what you are looking at, seeing, and hearing, is Divinely True or is Profanely False.

    The psychic and the living condition that has been evilly forced upon the Black family, has caused Black people to have a different approach in rearing the Family Children, most Time the Dwelling place of the Black Family was and is not big enough to receive the size of the Black Family comfortably and distinctly, so the Black Nucleus Family had to improvise and make due with what the Family has been forced to have, in term of a home being equipped to satisfy the family uniformly and distinctly.

    So many if not most Time, it was and still is in certain situations of necessity which applied to the Black Family, when all of the children had to share a bed together, regardless of the gender difference, it was a natural method of living and family structural up bringing, and nothing untoward ever happen between the sisters and brothers who had to share the same bed.

    Because within the Black family structure, the teaching of sibling relationship was Divinely Sacred and because of such Family teaching, the innocence of the children was Divinely Sacred and nothing was ever thought to be abnormal of such sleeping arrangement of sisters and brothers sharing the same bed.

    It is the evil and profane way of believing today, that has contaminated the Black Family values and relationship, all because of the wanting by Black people to integrate / assimilate our ways and spirit with the very same evil force that prevented the Black Family from having adequate living condition for the Black Family, and even if such was available at that Time, it would not have interrupt the Black Family Divine Relationship within the Family Structure proper.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    So as I observed the memorial of Michael, I am inspired to share this observation with you and I must inform you that Michael Divine Energy resonated before me, so much so, until the Ancestors, our Ancient Cosmic Divine First Way Ancestors, revealed to me that the World can become as One, if only if it was not for the evil forces that is now in power over the world, planting the seed of Prejudice, disrespect, and injustice against the Black Afrikan World, as I saw for a moment during Michael Memorial, the vision of Michael come True for a moment.

    I say a moment, because it is the force of Lucifer that now control the Mind of the World and it is Lucifer that know that the War of the worlds, is the war of Lucifer against the Black World, and that is how you can come to know that DIVINE TRUTH AND REALITY.

    So, as the Honorable Marcus would say to Black Folks, RACE FIRST AND RACE DOES MATTER, live in your bubble of fantasy if you so desire, but the Fact of that Divine Truth, is the present state of Afrika and the present division of the Black World, which was not caused be by the Black World, but now is maintained in its divided state, by the present ignorant intelligence of the Black world today, an ignorance concerning the Black World self, today.

    So Michael came and Michael experienced the evil of this world, yet he had the Divine intelligence, with a Divine vision, to know that the goal of this World, absent of the influence of Lucifer, should be to become as One, as the Divine Essence revealed it to have been, until Lucifer came and was allowed to take control of the World Mind, planting the seed of Prejudice using Racist Tactics against the Black World, the members of of the Black World, were Beings that were Divine when they came to this Planet, you now refer to this planet, as Earth.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved.

    So you must See, where there is Divine Thinking, motivating Divine passion in the world, one to the other, then and only then, will it not matter if you are Black or White, Ethnic of Differences, with control of our Mind Thinking, we will become as One World, absent of all of the prejudice that we have acquired toward and about each other.

    All because of the evil action of the Lucifer's in and of this world, they who did plant the seed of Racist Prejudice in the Mind of the World, against the Black once Divine Thinking Unified World, upon this Earth, we arenot as ONE Today.

    Michael came and with a flash, showed the World what can be, if only we would Divinely Think as ONE DIVINE WORLD Should Be.

    So, let those who are qualified to Think Divinely, Know What Has Just Been Divinely Shared With You, Concerning Michael Jackson, And You Can Take It Or Leave It As I Have Shared It With You, Expecting Nothing From you, Who Read This Missive.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

    As The Divine First Way Ancestors Have Shared With you, This Missive, Which Require For You To See, While Looking, And Not Looking Without Being Able To See, May Your Divine mind Reflect A divine Spirit causing You To Become One Unto Your Self And One With OthersWho Are In This World, But Is Not Of This Evil World, Today

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]