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    Part 2

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Within the vast Universe on the physical Level of Dimension, there are Myriad of Civilizations of Various kind and they live without the concept of Time and some with a concept of Time and it be the Time dwellers that have declared themselves Lord and Masters over their Worlds, they with a stigma of having a conquering Mind, which set them aside from those other Worlds whose living action is based on submission and relating to the Laws established for all that consist of the Physical Universe and Live not by the concept of Time but by the unchanging alternation of, without illumination ( Night ) and Illumination, ( Day ), signifying the Two extreme of behavior of those that consist of the Universe elements, one of a Divine Action and the other of a Profane Action, one representing continuity and the other representing uncertainty and on the Physical Universe Level, such Beings strive to be the equivalent to being Divine and the other of being Deceiving, they being the opposite of Divine.

    On this Planet call Earth, much has transpired since the coming of Divine Civilization to Queen Mother Earth and no amount of practice Research will be able to give the Vivid Telling of what has happen on this Planet or about the coming and going of those Beings of a Universal Elemental Form of Life Living, so when in search for the Divine Truth about what has and is transpiring on this Planet, you must be able to see beyond the research.

    Therefore being able to see Our Past, which require a masterful skill of seeing within ourselves, the signs of Divine Truth and Reality become as clear as a Divine Mind should be, and with such a gift to see into ourselves, thus our Past, we will begin to know that all that the Human Beings are teaching the Black World is in the best interest of the Human Being, because in order for the Human Being to maintain their control over the worlds of this Planet, they know they must keep the Black world deaf and blind, which does in fact keep Black people from being able to see the tricks and deceitfulness of the Human Beings teaching of their created religion to Black People.

    The fight upon this planet for the Resurrection of the Divine Mind and the maintaining of the Human Being Mind in control of the present worlds, that fight has always been the Human Being goal to keep the Black World deaf and Blind and for Black People to not be able to come to know who Black People really are, so yes, the Struggle of the Human Being is against the Black World, the Primary Principle that is qualified in able of conquering the evil that come from the action of the Human Beings, against Black Divine Beings.

    You need not do research to know and understand who your Divine First Way Black Ancestors Really were and is today, you need only to see the attitude and behavior of the Universe and learn of its action, it is that Theology that is qualified in telling you all you need to know about Its being the Master teacher that can and will reveal to you all you need to know about God, Universal action, and your Black Life living of eon coming and going, that which make up and maintain the Life Motion of the Universe, that one which is on the Physical Illusion Level of a Limited Reality.

    The Reality of the Black World is that the Human Being can not Scientifically prove a Starting date for the Black Beings not even on this Planet call Earth, Why, because just as the Universe is unyielding of a so call beginning for It being present, so it is with the Black Beings, those that wear the Eternity Mark of the Perfect Night, there is no Gene that can be traced back to prove that Black People has a origin on this Planet or any other Planet, because all that has an origin is fallible and Finite, putting it in the category of having Limitation and all that is in the Universe that has Limitation is not Real, it is only an illusion to that which is Infinite Eternally Real and such a Divine Truth and Reality is the representation of the Perfect Night, the Eternal Shadow of the Infinite Essence of all that Is and Is Not, yet is made To Be and To Be Not, Such is the Formula of Divine Reality, serving as an expressed Divine Truth, telling that there is no such of an action when dealing with the Divine Ethereal Universe, that which the Black Being serve as a verifying attribute of the Existence of the Perfect Night, and this information you can not Research, You must place your Black selves in a position so that you may be able to See such Divine Truthful Reality.

    Afrikans will Die, if she/he does not return back to the origin of Her/His Soul, the Divine Energy of which Divine Information Flow, the Devil do not desire to See a Unified Black World, so the Human Beings get you afrikans to look at yourselves as being no more than Geography of States, which is no more than an abstraction, entwined in Illusion.

    The Black World must come to See and Know the Divine Truth And Reality Of The Black Being, a Being that is entwined within the fabric of the Perfect Night the Divine Ethereal Reality of the universe That has no beginning and no Ending, thus, having it to be that the Black World is the Divine True Children Of Eternity and Infinity, yet here we are, having allowed the Human Being to reduce our ability to Think to that of a Low Level Believing Human Being and should the Black World remain at such a low Frequency, an Earthly action of Purging will take place and I say, Woe Unto You Who Know Not The Divine Truth About that we now refer to as God, It being an Eternal Infinite Energy Action of Divine Intelligence.

    The Honorable Marcus Garvey Main Theme was without ceasing, Afrika is For The Afrikan and The Afrikan Must Become Reunited again, only the Afrika and Afrikan Garvey was making reference to, was none other than a Land noted to sustain a Massive Body of Black Beings, so in the Eyes of the Honorable Marcus Garvey it was always about Black Beings of a Unique phenotype, they who come straight out of the Perfect night, A Divine Reality that Hold Eternity and Infinity in its Divineness of Truth and Reality, forces of Energetic Power capable of sustaining the Physical Illusion Universe, that which receive its Energy-Power from the Perfect Night, the Shadow of the Eternal Infinite Essence of all that Is And Will Be, To Be Not.

    Reparation is a seed that was enclosed within the bowls of the Black Divine Beings, those in a constant state of coming and going, having the Knowledge of all that is to occur upon this Planet call Earth within the action of the Physical Universe, so all that has happen to the Black World, has for the making of an action that resemble the action of what we now call Night and Day, a continuous alternation that place the Black World into such a cycle as well, so by the Reality of Reparation, it represent the coming of the representative of the Perfect Night, a state of Being that in all actuality does not Change, but by its Power it give off the illusion of change and so will Reparation be the verifier of the continuity of the Black World, as it Rise to make manifest the steadfastness of the Black Universal World in the form of Anthropomorphous Black Beings and all Divine Black Beings, if not in the Know now of Reparation, they will be very soon to know of the Sacred Order Reparation is designed and destine to cause to the Black World, because the Cause for such a Demand was in fact Predestined, all in the action of a working of Divine Energy that will cause the Reunification of the Eternal Infinite Black Divine Being, you who for a moment, have not been to given a way to See the Way of a Evil and Deceiving Being in the Physical Universe, they being the Human Being, they that wear the coat of lies and deception.

    Let The Divine, Yet Lost And now Is Seeking Their Divinity, be able to See what has just been shared with you, because you will not be able to research such a Divine Truth, which Represent Your Black Selves.

    Here Is Loving You


    Chief Elder
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