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    PART 1

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    If your point of origin is the universe and your point of reference are Black Beings with a high order of intelligence, yet it take you no further than this solar system and this planet call Earth, then you are only looking for the profane Truth about all of this you believe you are looking at, which prevent you from seeing back far enough where Divine Truth reside, you only keep looking and such mental carelessness will cause you to mentally slip and you will fall short of that you seek concerning the origin of a Being that is Black and Divine on this Planet and with all of the research obtained, you are dealing with limited evidence that is not qualified to cause you to know about that you need to be able to See.

    It was beyond the concept of Time when our Ancient First Way Ancestors was present in a distant galaxy of Stars and Planets that was way before the coming of the Star Solar disc of which Objects call planets formed a system of a pathway and those planets made their way around the heavenly ball of an Energy disc referred to as a Star - Sun, an object that carry a broad circle of influence to all that appeared within Her vicinity of attractive power and it is therein where we now reside on a planet call Earth.

    The First Way Ancestors Lived in a solar climate call Sirius on a planet with a powerful gravitation pull and immense Magnetic energy, within that Sirius figuration there was Isis, Osiris and Horus, or shall I say Nu, Nut And Nephthy and it is on the Moon planet Nephthy did our First Way Ancestors lived and on that planet there are great wonders to behold of short people in statue doing powerful things, the evidence being the great structure and monuments built by them and such a great civilization they had caused to be by the power of their Mind and the Will of their Spirit, they being able to bring the body, Mind and Spirit, under submission to the greater essence of all things in the Ethereal Universe and the Physical Illusion Universe.

    They were short creature of an Anthorpormorphous Nature, with a phenotype causing them to appear as Beings that had come straight forward out of the Perfect Night, whose Blackness was with a glow as the Sirius Star, they were people that had no need to believe concerning the Eternal Essence which we refer to as God, they needed not to pray or construct institutions geared to reveal belief about the great Eternal Infinite Essence, because their Giant Minds were as forceful and powerful as the Perfect night, which qualified them to know what was to be known about the great Eternal Infinite Essence, Universe, and Life Self, so in their Life action there was no God Being, only the Eternal Infinite Essence that Exist and of ITS attributes, there was in fact the Universe in all of its parts and our Divine First Way Ancestors had the knowledge of all that consist of the Eternal Infinite Essence attributes.

    The First Way Ancestors needed not to construct Time, Places, and Things in order to prove the Divine Truth and Reality of the Divine Essence that cause all things to be, because all such effort just create barriers that block the Free Flow of the Energy Waves that carry all Information about the Universe and all of its parts, they being Soul, Life and Death, it serving as the entrance way to the Eternal Infinite Existence and it was those Little People that possessed such a unmeasurable amount of Divine Knowledge about each of those process, because they were Divine Beings that came forth out of the Perfect Night, the Essence Generator of all Energy that serve all that make up both Universe, one Ethereal Eternal Infinite and the other Physical Limited Illusion, causing to be two quality of Reality, One in the action of Existence and the other in the action of Life, where Space, Motion,Time reveal all there is about Life and nothing about Existence, because in such an Eternal Infinite Circle does the Eternal Infinite Essence abide by Space, Motion, Time, because IT Is And IS NOT And Cause All Things To Be And Not To Be, the formula for the Mystery of the Eternal Essence, revealing all that is Real and Not Real, but Is Of A Superficial Realness on the physical level of Life Living.

    So, when our First way Ancestors first appeared to this New Solar System, wherein the Planet we call Earth Reside, there was only present that which the Eternal Essence had provided to be and they being Living Creatures of an Intelligence that was comparable to their Body Structure, including that which live on the none Fluid Elemental Level and those of the Fluid Elemental Level, such a surrounding was Divine Structured, just as it was in many Solar System in other Galaxies before the Revealing of this Solar System which caused the attraction of our First Way Ancestors to it and they came First to Construct a Socialization and a Civilization of Divine Perfection and such a Earthly Structure remained for untold Measurable of Planet Star-Sun Reveloutions.

    So when we begin to attempt to calculate the Happening only on this Planet call Earth, any who try will fall short if they are not qualified to see beyond the research of Black People upon this Planet and all other Life as well, as for as it matter, in relation to the Divine Truth and Reality of the coming of the Daughters and Sons of the gods, because the coming of the Son of Man and Man meaning the Human Beings to this Planet call Earth, then such a research pertaining to such creatures will fall short as well, because in search for the Divine Truth of all things upon this Planet Call Earth you must be able to Mentally transcend the Physical, in order to get to the Divine Truth of all that Matter in this Universe, the Ethereal and Physical.

    In searching for the Divine Truth of what happen upon this Planet Earth, pertaining to the Divine Black Beings and all other Beings of a similar Elemental Make-Up you must be qualified to See beyond your Research of physical Matter on this planet and See the Reality that dwell on the Nonphysical Level of dimension, because you will not be dealing with physical Matter, such is only an illusion of the Real Existence of the Divine Truth concerning all things that be upon this Planet call Earth.

    Gravity and Magnetism has to do with the Growth and Development of all things, as it comply to the Genetics of all things, yet in Time, such a Genome can be affected by the Length of Time in an Environment that is much different from the normal Environment from which you come or is acclimated to, so now you see within the Black Family a cross-section of phenotype according to growth and development of the Divine Black Being, stopping short of acts of assimilation of the original Gene pool of the original Black Divine Being with none Black Beings, so the Black Being which are originally small in statue, had within a Giant of Intelligence, you desire an example of the power and size of that small body with giant intelligence, then behold the Great Pyramid of Giza and many other Profound Structures cponstructed by our First Way Ancestors that rest below the Sea and the Sahara Desert.

    There is something inherit in the Mental organization of the First Way Ancestors, they whom other Beings from other Galaxies were very familiar with, because there is within the physical Universe a Galactic Council, meaning that there are other Beings that Live within the physical Universe and did also make the Journey to this Brand New Budding Planet call Earth, they whose Phenotype are the extreme opposite to the Black Divine Beings, who came to Planet Earth from the Sirius Solar System, yet there are other Black Beings throughout the Physical Universe and I will not deal with that at this Time.

    Let us just consider this as Part One of a Revelation that is being shared with those that has the Mind to explore other than what the Human Beings have indoctrinated us Black People tobelieve, concerning God, Universe And Life Self.

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder
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