Black Poetry : See More Joy

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    for I exist as a vapor
    then I am no more
    tranquility with whispers
    inside the corridor
    instant gratification to some
    wonderful personifications
    we exist as nomadic herdsmen
    drifting away in the desert
    Jesus was a sailor when he
    set forth on the water
    called out to Peter to meet him further
    in every circumstance
    we shall learn
    to take part in the dance
    nothing comes by chance
    walk with me come take with me
    one hand to hold a heart will bleed
    many running to & fro

    hearts exposed through the duration of time
    signs on the wall want you to be sure
    not everything is pure
    we bask in the vast expanse
    between that of space & time
    with perilous times ahead
    the thought of the walking dead
    hiding behind the false garb of compromise
    can't we see through those Satanic lies
    see more joy from that of a girl and boy
    everyone got the latest gadget and toy
    news of the street going to start a beat
    Drake is going to sing again then Big Pun
    a new day has just begun as
    Scotty Piipen has long sense been retired
    Eminem doing free style taking it to the extreme
    Fetty Wap burning up the scene
    yet I see more joy in lovers on the beach
    trying to catch that frisbee so far out of reach
    with a blink of an eye time passes you by

    some call it fate with a new Rolex in hand
    the factory worker has left unspoken
    Trump has left his ivory tower with just a token
    billboards post of the latest news
    two hundred dollar pair of shoes
    satin sheets and love so devine
    J. Lo looking nice with her new behind
    Beyounce & Jay Z
    life can be a big mystery
    coming apart at the seams
    love is the essence of my existence
    learn to shun the resistance
    out of every circumstance learn to
    take part in the dance
    with fly by shootings out in the street
    try to greet your neighbor that's so out of reach