Black Poetry : security blanket


Apr 8, 2001
security blanket

it comes like a beautiful quilt
wondrous to behold
hand made with fabulous stitching
by hands young and old
with 10 millions stories to tell per finger
and every story over lapping it’s co-author
for each seamstress is an author

patching life together with strong thread
in ways to bind joy to sorrow
birth to death
and the in-betweens the space-fillers
are time
and time never stops
time never quits
like a Timex it keeps right on ticking
it encompasses the patchwork
framing the story like a hardbound cover
embossed with gold lettering

the author binds time with events
and events with memory
and memory with people, places and things
in tongues the author interprets the stories
in verbs nouns and adjectives
so that the quilt lives on in the minds
of those who possessed it with their eyes
read the authors stories all 10 million of them
to the young and the strangers

it comes like a beautiful quilt
knowledge of life
so i began to write this story for my sons
many years ago so that i can cover them
when i’m no longer here with them
and whisper stories to their minds
through my poems

© 2001, all rights reserved


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