Black Poetry : Secure My Moms and My Muthaz

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    Of my entire tree
    we talk often
    keeping options open
    texting each other about solution
    that didn't sound right the first time
    and the second time
    so we all on the same sheet of music
    ain't nobody happy working for an employer
    who steadily uses their feminine power to run their business
    and they never give back to their own families
    neither the community
    in fact
    they out to get ghost once the well is dry
    or switch up on the businesses
    thinking you steadily slipping
    taking and taking and taking
    never giving back
    and see more and more of my own muthaz
    are dying from cancers
    battle heart diseases
    fighting diabetes
    crippled by bone wrenching disorders
    still and yet they keep themselves ongoing
    they see me and their faces lift a smile
    dayum rite i'm coming through
    they deserve to live even more younger
    and rule as administrators from home
    or kicking back inside a office
    using more brain power over physical strength
    per every seven years is how any body gain their youth
    i got about 10 percent of my muthaz from my whole entire tree
    on moringa
    ridding them pharmceuticals away
    no more x-ray machine okay
    forget a pap smear
    bring back the farming equipment
    get them herbs out right growing
    spices enlighten their lives
    and seasonings are real medicine
    not a misconception of herbs and spices for your tastebuds as a delight...
    straight up and down trickery to the brain
    all psychology
    cause if you knew the relationship of your tongue
    to the organs and glands
    then you would understand why they sound off per taste
    and why you feel a certain way and weigh
    it is all mind over matter
    i can change the location of your scenery
    paint a picture
    view it enough
    let my team do the landscaping
    i bet you better than our last times
    we can do us better(echoing)....
    you got a poor trait?
    I don't
    i got a landscape
    sometimes i don't even feel from this planet or realm no mo'
    so i just chill to myself continuing all planning to be scheduled
    and executed passionately with dire ambition on the low(echoing)
    oh what year from indigo?
    i'm from the year of 1982
    and i came to do what no others will do
    and that is to do what i need to do
    with or without the regards of you
    i'm simply from my striving and progressing point of view
    this true racist defined himself as a Young Ancestor
    written in a Garveyian Difference
    which is a mathematical scientific theorem
    plus immah hammerhead so you know i ain't worried about no pressure
    cause they buster hearts will never touch this(echoing)....
    secure my Moms and my Muthaz is the toughest hit to the lobes of your brain will make you sit down and think about yo switches....