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Nov 17, 2006
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The Lemba, The Black Jews of Southern Africa

The team collected DNA samples from Bantu (African), Yemeni (Arab), and Sephardic Jews and Azhkenazi Jews (including Cohanim from both communities) to compare the amount of similarity that existed between each of these groups. As we've seen, the more similar the Y chromosome, the more closely related are some individuals in the different groups to a common paternal ancestor. As a consequence, one can establish links between populations.

Dr. David Goldstein of the Laboratory of Evolutionary Genetics, University College, London.

In an interview with NOVA, team member Dr. David Goldstein commented on the team's findings: "The first striking thing about the Y chromosomes of the Lemba is that you find this particular chromosomal type (Cohen modal haplotype) that is characteristic of the Jewish priesthood in a frequency that is similar to what you see in major Jewish populations. Something just under one out of every 10 Lemba that we looked at had this particular Y chromosomal type that appears to be a signature of Jewish ancestry.

The Lemba, a black southern African tribe, claim Jewish ancestry.
the presentation was indeed symmetrical; however, i dont trust the bible historically.....especially if digested in english.....i must depend on nonbiblical sources to find the truth of that.....can you advise a starting point for me.....i need to see for myself that the original jews are black with no biblical consultation


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