Black People : Secrets and mysteries! Mysteries and secrets!

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    Secrets and mysteries. Mysteries and secrets. There is a spiritual
    broadcast being transmitted. The ancestors are calling. Are you
    listening? And what purpose are you serving if you are not operating
    in the arena of ancestral secrets and mysteries? What is a mother and
    father who has nothing else to teach but His-story? Instead of the
    reality of who and what we are, what we stand for, represent and come
    from to our children. We are not physical beings having a spiritual
    experience. We are spiritual beings having a human physical
    experience. A reincarnated event born out of the blood of ancestors,
    sent to this physical realm place and space to continue that which has
    been ancestrally started. So when will this process begin for most of

    Slavery has not been abolished. It has been improved, upgraded,
    enhanced. For they have freed the body and enslaved the minds of
    many. Today slavery is more advanced and has no color. You
    cooperatively do their bidding and don't even know it. For in the
    society in which you live and dwell there are more weak than strong;
    more followers than leaders; more irrational than rational; more
    believers than truth seekers and way too many individuals operating in
    a want orientated mentality than a prioritized need oriented reality.

    For over a million years our ancestral spirits have been passing
    through the revolving door of life between these two realms. For so
    many to find themselves spiritually stagnated in limbo, no longer even
    acting in the understanding of mental, physical and spiritual growth
    and evolution. So many individuals crying and complaining about the
    many charlatans, fakes and frauds running rampant all over the
    internet that your low vibration and energy attracted right to you in
    the first place, bottom feeders preying on the weak, uneducated, and
    unenlightened, absent of knowledge of self. If you were truly clear in
    your overstanding, inner-standing then you would understand that it's
    all a test a necessary reality.

    For everything about you stops, starts, ends and begins with how you
    reflect anything, everything and all things around you starting with
    your ancestors. And the true manifestation of your connection as it
    pertains to things spiritual. Things spiritual always resonate from
    its nucleus and the nucleus of the mental physical and spiritual
    makeup hails from our ancestors and the conduit that flows from the
    nucleus is the blood that runs through our veins and circulates over
    our godhead, Ori bringing to fruition a third eye opening experience
    that would manifest greatly in your words and actions if you were
    actually and factually third eye activated!

    Third eye activation brings about a heightened sixth sense and a
    third eye clarity that would illuminate the iris of your third eye
    lightening and illuminating every step taken on your spiritual path.
    For the light that shines resonates from a divine place giving you the
    Ase, power sight of truth and the ability to always recognize that
    which is real. For in this activation, those of us who are truly
    connected in our words that reflects action daily within the lifestyle
    in which we live. We live a spiritually navigated life that will
    bring us the closest to that which we call perfect, an 80/20
    lifestyle, 80% Ire, 20% Iyewo.

    Note: Only powerless and spiritually defenseless individuals find
    themselves victimized, preyed upon and taken advantage of. And this
    is because consciously or subconsciously you call this form of
    con-game energy down upon you. For real possesses the power to
    recognize real. So if you are truly real then real should be
    recognized and materialized right before your very eyes in your life
    by now.

    Fakes, frauds, charlatans are very, very necessary. For they show
    and reveal who is truly paying attention, who truly possesses the
    ability to spiritually discern and recognize truth and that which
    should manifest from truth. Beware of so-called spiritual teacher's
    words so eloquently spoken but do not manifest in your life mentally,
    physically, spiritually and financially that never reflect the laws of
    common sense and intelligence. You will know when you truly come in
    contact with that which is real. It will be a mushroom cloud BOOM of
    ongoing supernaturally manifested generated events! Everyday living
    in the way of that which is positive and progressive successfully with
    no time for complaints.

    So now is the time to gain a two-handed grip on reality and stop
    pursuing what you want and start putting your time, energy and effort
    toward fulfilling the prioritized need, to bring into fruition your
    ancestral agenda. For your ancestors hold the keys that will unlock
    and open the doors to the secrets and mysteries of every intricate
    aspect and detail of your being naturally and supernaturally. The
    focus needs to be on ancestors and their teachings and the fulfilling
    and honoring of ancestrally bled and borne commitments because the
    focus has truly been on and still is on YOU.

    Secret societies run and rule this world and the members of secret
    societal bodies are extremely culturally diverse for life is truly
    broken down into two parts: the strong that know and the weak that
    don't know. So if you truly know stop talking and fronting, open,
    show and reveal what is truly real by reflecting your words within the
    actions of your abilities. Slavery is not over but you soon will be
    if you don't live your life ancestrally. I am Kongolini Zulu Mau, the
    Inheritor of Ancestral Knowledge and the Perpetrator of Their Ways in
    These Modern Days. Committed I Am!!!