Black Poetry : Secret Tryst


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Mar 17, 2001
South Jersey
United States Air Force
A hidden summon across the waves
meant for only my eyes and mind
Letting it be known that she cares to care
Offering me a part in a propitious tryst

A thousand smiles brought to bear by
the anxiousness of her libidinal yearning
She wants to mingle with my nature for pure
and quiet affection; for it has been absent from
her heart for so long—graciously, I accept her
humble invite

Time slowly moves toward the moment to secretly
meet her in wait—the unknowing produces butterfly
battles in the pit of her stomach as anxiety grows
Anticipating the unspoken mysteries of me and my way
Hoping with uncontrolled tensed might that I could be the one
Still carefully guarded against the secrecy of my being

Her poetical enigma charmingly enters her temporary loveless asylum
The air, aromatized with the scent of love, suggests an instant vibe
Smooth libations I bear surely will quell the uneasy of my anonymity

A warm and sincere embrace sets the tone for the moments to come
I take my place across from her to bask in my own visual of her personal mystique
Our eyes meet several times in a starry gaze that personifies amazement
It is time to share of our once private individual essences; without spoken words as yet
We accept that karma of the minds is something truly spiritual to believe in

As the day ages into darkness, idle banter subsides as actions grow bolder
Once at a distance, the hunger for a closer feel consumes us both
The lovely libations, once meant to soothe fears, animates pheromones
Pent up aphrodisiacal passions to taste of one another can no longer be contained

A delicate but brief kiss on the lips ignites the flames of our hearts afire
I am compelled by her asking of me to recite a passage, any passage
Silently I pause to write in my mind, a short ode that captures the night and her
As I narrate my creation, she appears enamored and pleased and reciprocates
with a piece so full of need and desire that she cannot contain her own stimulated flow

I now feel insatiably satisfied and nourished from the poetic spread she laid out for me
We passionately kiss and gently touch; the duration is longer and sustaining for us both
Although our bodies screamed out to be pleasured; my mind told me it wasn’t the right time

So denying our hormonal callings, we end our closeted rendezvous with a final brief kiss
To extinguish, just for now, the flames of our hearts—until our next secret tryst…


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