Black Poetry : Secret Lover

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    Secret Lover

    she was my own at last just her & I

    feelings of love filled up my soul

    when I looked deep into her eyes

    it is then I could see a future together

    only anothe phone call rings at every Thursday morn

    this was my other girl sending quite a thrill

    got to be careful so no one will know

    they feelings are awe so real

    yet I know the deal life is but a spinning wheel

    we both can't let go in how we feel

    secret lover she holds the key to one of my lifes destiny

    come to fully agree can't have my cake and eat it to

    so now that we are through i want you back

    not having you in my arms is giving me a heart attack

    so tell me how come you over react what the heck

    our truest fate is sealed behind the squeeky wheel

    another chance to play at game of let's make a deal

    how should i feel its eating me up inside

    I want to run away & hide

    something inside of me blinds me from getting inside of thee

    take baby steps and we both will agree

    a secret lover was never meant to be