Black People : 'Secret Deals' Plundering Africa's Booming Nations: Report

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    As the descendant of those who endured physical slavery it is with unimaginable pain I look at the high tech slavery caused by terrorism;governmental intrinsic terrorism, that brothers and sisters face in the Motherland with Negropean heads of state, getting a nut off of feasting on the crumbs of their former colonizers table while their citizenry languish.
    Published on Friday, May 10, 2013 by Common Dreams
    'Secret Deals' Plundering Africa's Booming Nations: Report
    Africa Progress Panel urges swift action to curb international tax evasion and corruption

    - Jacob Chamberlain, staff writer
    Many African nations have been plundered by secretive deals, tax avoidance, and financial transfers with international corporations, leaving little to no benefits for the countries' struggling masses despite recent economic growth, the Africa Progress Panel warned in new report. The report comes ahead of next month's G8 meeting in the UK, slated to tackle issues such as global tax avoidance and transparency.