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Feb 28, 2009
Some, they say, are born with a veil
That wrapped-in-mystery shroud of birth
Causing those given this prophetic caul
To wonder if it's a blessing or a curse
For what could possibly ever be worse
Than to hear the call
Or see the inevitable fall
Of those around you
And have nothing one can do
To prevent or lovingly warn
But only comfort or join them to mourn
Yet, the visions or dreams
Do not only herald the unfortunate
Sometimes, one knows beforehand
What will also benefit
And bring great joy
By advising the right steps to employ
Or choices to make
All in the best interest
Of some loved one's sake
And, although logic and religious tenets
May dispute or set firm limits
To this "alleged" gift's credibility
And, for many, it's questionable validity
But, it's up to each individual
To rebut or believe
Deny or cleave
To it's history......

And, I've lived to witness and see
That there are things of this world
That are simply, otherwise,
Unexplainable to me.
I have heard some say they were born with a veil. To know something is about to happen, but can neither explain or stop the event from occuring if it's harmful...what a cross to bear.
Sister Cherryblossom, I am enjoying your talented pen to the utmost. However, we ask that you limit your poetic pieces to 5 on the front page of the "Get Your Flow On" forum, and right now you have 7 poems on the front page. Destee's Poetic Etiquette rules state:

1. Don't flood the forum with your poetry!
Yessssss ... we want to read your work, but please give us a little bit at a time. Don't post every peace you've ever written, immediately after joining us. Start slowly by posting a peace or two at a time. If you have 5+ peaces on the "first page" of the poetry forum, you are probably posting too many within a short period of time.

Every Member wants their work to remain on the "first page" of the poetry forum as long as possible. If you flood the forum with many of your pieces ... you are pushing everyone else's work to the back pages (which happens quickly enough because there are so many poets.)

Thank you for understanding sis.


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