Black Short Stories : Second Chance

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    My family was so proud of me
    I was accepted into a college
    To get a degree
    An all black college that is
    Where I wanted to be
    I got accepted into
    Morehouse that was my dream
    I remember so well
    What my my father said to me
    Son don't mess up this is
    A lifetime opportunity
    So I said to my father
    You are going to be
    So proud of me
    I am Going to get
    That college degree
    We arrived at the college
    It was a new world to me
    To see all my brothers
    No guns and no drugs
    everyone trying to get a
    College degree
    As I was taking the rest
    of the bags from the car
    My father said to me
    Son remember what I said
    Don't let us down
    As he shook my hand
    Out of the ghetto you see
    This world was truly new to me
    I have never felt so free
    No drugs no sirens surrounding me
    My G.P.A was a 4.0
    Little did I know
    It dropped to 1.0 OH HELL NO!
    What I am I thinking
    What the hell is wrong with me
    I have to get myself together and think
    There was a letter in my door
    And it read like this
    Sorry to inform you your
    Grades have dropped
    There is no more funding for you
    It is time for your Father
    To come and get you
    My entire hope and dreams
    Blow up right in front of me
    Then the words of my
    Father came to me
    Son don't mess up if you do
    The streets will be
    Waiting for you
    As I sat in the Deans office
    She said to me, Son
    We are going to give
    you a second chance
    To get that college degree
    I stood in the front of the Dean and said
    I won't let you down
    Thank you for giving me
    A second chance
    My Father arrived at the college to get me
    The only words he said to me were
    I knew you wasn't going make it
    All you know is the streets
    Oh, you are going to get a job
    You are not laying around me
    Your dumd a** had an
    Opportunity to get a college degree
    Everytime I tried to talk
    He would say
    Shut the f**k up
    There is nothing to say
    Sorry Dad I didn't mean
    To let everybody
    That world was new to me
    I have never been out of town you see
    Yes, I got caught up
    In the new surroundings,
    that is now all out of me
    The Dean is giving me
    A second chance
    To turn it around and
    Get back on the right track
    Then my Father said
    Son I don't want to hear
    S**T from you
    You are not going to no ****
    College I am not putting
    Up anymore money for you
    Then I said Dad just
    Believe in me I will make it
    This time you will see
    Like I said you had a chance
    You messed up
    There is no more second chances
    And there is no more degree
    My world was shattered
    He didn't believe in me
    I don't belong in college you see
    That is what my Father said to me
    I didn't know what to do
    I started hanging with my boys
    And now I am on the corners
    Selling drugs too.

    We sometimes fall down, encourage someone back up!

    Liquid-Thoughts Copyright2001
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    Spreading Joy.... need some?
    Sixburgh, Pa.
    I agree...
    everyone deserves a second chance.

    Maybe there will be a second part
    with a second chance. :)

    I enjoyed your short story.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Scribeaboutit! It helps.
    CCBSKYN :heart:
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    BUSINESS owner
    very tyght flow
    a second chance
    is 4 sho
    u write i read ....