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pamela b

Apr 22, 2007
nurse / make up artist
I stand out side with my hands held high, my finger tips stretching...stretching tryng to touch the sky to recieve, the answers from above , if everyone else can find true love...

why not me?

I question Eloiheem, am i that bad? I look good, taste good, feel good, and work real hard too. I give my **** best in every thing i do! ....... yet love eludes me nontheless,

why not me?
Daily i pour out my flesh and enter my spirit woman,she cries silently in pain to find an answer to this question because.....**** it hurts!

I think,.. May be.... i should change my walk, or the way i move , but i can't because my body is so in tune with spirit,... my mind, heart,.. everything that makes me, has it's own little groove.

I've come to one conclusion and this has got to be true, I'll stop looking for love so it can find me too. :qqb018:


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