Black Parenting : Scripture Prayers to Pray Over Our Families


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Louise Cosper

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Feb 26, 2018
Scripture prayers we can pray over our families:
1Pet 4:8...Father, I pray that our family members love one another.
1Pet 4:9...That we are hospitable to one another without complaint.
1Pet 4:11...Serving by the strength that You supply,
1Pet that in all things You may be glorified.
1Thes 5:11...I pray that we will encourage one another, comfort, edify,
Acts 20:32..and build one another up.
Mt 18:19...That we will stand in agreement in every area of our lives,
Neh 8:10...Letting the joy of the Lord be our strength,
Col 3:15...with the peace of God ruling in our hearts.
Ps 138:8...Father, I thank You that You're perfecting
Ps 138:8...everything concerning us.
Ps 92:10...Anoint us with fresh oil.
Ps 103:5...Satisfy us with good things,
Ps 103:5...So that our youth is renewed like the eagle's.
Ps 92:14...In old age we shall still bear fruit,
Ps 92:14...and be fresh and flourishing.
Ps 91:16...With a long life You will satisfy us.
Job 1:10...Father, place a hedge of protection
Job 1:10...around us, around our household,
Job 1:10...and around all that we have on every side.
Ps 34:7...I thank You that the angel of the Lord encamps
Ps 34:7...round about us and delivers us from all evil,
Ps 91:3...from the snare of the fowler, from every pestilence,
Ps 91:10...and that no plague will come near our dwelling.
Prov 3:24...We shall lie down and our sleep shall be sweet.
Prov 16:7...Because our ways please You Lord,
Prov 16:7...You make our enemies to be at peace with us.
Deut 29:9...We keep Your word and do it,
Deut 29:9...therefore, we prosper in all that they do.
Jn 15:4...Because we abide in You and delight ourselves in You,
Ps 37:4...You give us the desires of their heart.
1Pet 5:6...And because we humble ourselves, exalt them in due season.
1Pet 4:19...Father we are committed to You, to doing good,
1Pet 5:7...casting all our cares upon You, for You care for us.
1Pet 5:8...That we are sober, vigilant
1Pet 5:9...and steadfast in our faith.

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