Black Poetry : scribbled notes on a pad (I'm ready now)


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Apr 15, 2001
Lord, where in heaven are you?
And if I was once a cherub in
your courts, why would you
send me here?

I've heard so many stories
about pre-existence

and I'm so confused

Your Word says
you're coming
back for me..

I'm ready now
Mommy, can you hear me?

If I was the love~child
of your womb

why couldn't you 'know'
my heart would one
day be opened

completely consumed

by love in it's entirety

oh mother, I'm loving
a man the way
loving is meant to be

timing is imperfect

and our time is
is not free

I'm ready NOW

Daddy, my news is not so good ~

and now I know you
always 'knew'

when I held your arm
down that long aisle

so many words our tears
held back

you saw my road
but didn't discourage

one thing you told me
I still cling to

I can always come back
home to you

I'm ready now




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