Black Poetry : SCRAPPING


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Apr 1, 2001

Must pause for unjust rap laws rather trust tiger paws //
Powers of concentration flowers a whole nation and
Blooms after fertilization must eradicate the dandelions
First which are flaws //
Lightning best describe my excitng archive it’s a biting beehive //
With brassy tones the classy love jones are thrown in with the jive //
Shown live like the pay per view, stay like a curfew on the street //
Fought rigorous in a vigorous onslaught and caught up in a defeat //
Sought to complete the battle, saddle the heat, straddle the unique //
Paddle down a creek with hot ability not silly but spit well and deep //
Abolish requirements polish retirements never rhyme irrelevant mind prevalent //
To rap, elegant how I trunk the funk like an elephant but try to be benevolent //
I travel sometimes fall on gravel cause abrasion but mind persuasion is my aim //
Special occasion flame likes fire and tame with desire, keep abreast on my fame //
I partake in rhymes with heartache many times brotherly energetic discovery accredited //
To rap script, cats talk pathetic crap, verbally strap to spit flames cats dread it //
I fed it to pigs and split wigs, fingerprints dust em, rhymes I bust em I’m accustom //
To rip script, excellent piece of work rhymes never cease to perk so trust em //
Endanger lives no stranger survives this battle, you’re a jerk true //
It’s my virtue to alert you and hurt your crew you bad but I throw dirt too //
Like a blind Rhinoceros cats rhyme preposterous I spit lime and phosphorus //
A redundant lie somehow slaughter, I spit an abundant supply of water cautious //
Order a Nubian Queen from the sista sistah magazine a conscious daughter //
Cats of no use step with no excuse gets verbal abuse it’s a hangman noose //
Tied won’t come a loose triangle the facts like an hypotenuse not even Bruce
Lee could Kung fu on this kid

You Know!

WOw! YOu Know! That I'm always feelin yo rythmes! NOw MADD,that was badd! I don't know what to say! And you be writing for dayz! Still waiting for that cd. Maybe you and I could collab on dat one. Hee hee hee. You know I'm playin. Keep comin fresh with the new stuff. I'm inspired. That piece had a beautiful ending.
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